It's been judged , then scheduled, then re -scheduled (because the winning beer wasn't quite ready yet), but now it is finally here: The award


Your Plans for the Weekend: Seattle Weekly's Home Brew Award Ceremony


It's been judged, then scheduled, then re-scheduled (because the winning beer wasn't quite ready yet), but now it is finally here: The award ceremony for Seattle Weekly's annual Home Brew Competition is tomorrow, October 30, and we will finally be announcing the winner and tapping the kegs of his or her winning brew.

Details (plus a special offer for free swag!) after the jump.

The details are thus: Brouwer's Pub and Cafe, 400 N. 35th Street (there's a map below to help you out), tomorrow from 2pm-4pm (so as not to get in the way of any of your Halloween plans). Big Al himself from Big Al Brewing has been working on the winning beer for more than a month now, waiting until it came together just right. And tomorrow, he'll be tapping the first keg just as we announce the winner of this year's contest.

Oh, and as for the free stuff? Anyone who buys a pint of the winning beer (as if you weren't going to do that anyway...) gets a free, commemorative pint glass to take home with them. While supplies last, of course. But hey, free glassware! Not too shabby. And if you're anything like me (with a cupboard full of nothing but commemorative shot glasses, giveaway mugs and coffee cups with names of psychopharmacological medicines on them), it'll match with your overall tableware gestalt.

So get there early, drink heavily, party happily and get home safe: That's the plan for tomorrow. And for more stuff to do, don't forget to check out our list of all the bestest Halloween events happening around town.

Yeah, that's right. We got your back.

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