Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey! That skyscraper downtown sure looks like a stack of pancakes!"? No? Well, we have. Not only that, but


Top 7 Buildings That Look Like Food

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey! That skyscraper downtown sure looks like a stack of pancakes!"? No? Well, we have. Not only that, but we've compiled a list of buildings from around the world that resemble food. Just like clouds or a Rorschach test, people see what they want to see in architecture -- and sometimes, it's a Big Mac. Here are our Top 7 buildings that (in our opinion) look like food.

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Kiss my glass!
7. Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

Did you know Dale Chihuly is going to create a glass white flag to stick in the top of that silver structure as an ode to his love of Hershey's Kisses? Not really, but we think the glass chocolate museum would perfectly complement the nearby Brown & Haley factory outlet.

Fakin' bacon.
6. Albion House, Liverpool, UK

Hansel and Gretel had their house of candy and cake, but we think this house of bacon is even better. The Albion House, aka The White Star Line Building, aka The Bacon Building, was constructed in the late 1890s for a shipping company, which later become the White Star Line. As marbled as the facade looks, it's actually made from white stone and red brick. Extra credit to the person who had the food trend foresight to nickname it the Bacon Building and not the Peppermint Stick.

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The city of pickles and pork.
5. Can of Ham Tower, London, UK

Ground-breaking for this curvy 24-story office building is expected sometime in 2013. The glass-and-steel tower will be built next door to the Gherkin landmark -- a pickled cuke-like structure built in 2004. Londoners love their preserved food.

Joe Mabel
4. Ash Grove Cement, Seattle, WA

While PBR isn't exactly a food (depending on who you talk to), these factory columns, just south of Spokane Street, make us want to pop open a Tall Boy every time we cross the West Seattle bridge. We also think they could pass for a pack of hot dogs. Really, really heavy hot dogs.

Sugar walls?
3. 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

This building in New York's Columbus Circle is dubbed the 'lollipop' building for obvious reasons. After a redesign several years ago, the lollipops are now behind glass. Probably so passersby would stop trying to lick them.

This idea was full of holes.
2. COR Tower, Miami, FL

This Swiss cheese-looking high-rise in Miami isn't just sleek, it's green. The brand new $40 million, 25-story condominium overlooking the city's Design District, integrates wind turbines and solar hot water generation. Plus, the exoskeleton provides thermal mass for insulation and other eco-friendly assistance . Who knew a bunch of holes could be filled with so much substance?

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Shhh! They can ear you!
1. Marina City, Chicago, IL

All that's missing is a huge pat of butter on these concrete, corncob-shaped residential towers that occupy an entire block on the Chicago River. Each ear is 65-stories, and while not the most famous building in Chicago, Marina City is one of the most photographed. You could definitely say it has a lot of stalkers.

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