Secrets of a Food Writer's Fridge: Hot Sauce, Birth Control, and Homemade Preserves

AG Fridge.jpg

Name of food writer: Angela Garbes

Position: Voracious blogger

Shame factor: I don't believe in shame when it comes to food.


Top Shelf: whole milk (eff all low-fat milk, I say), a pot of chicken stock made from the carcass of a chicken I roasted last week and the vegetable scraps I obsessively keep in the freezer, homemade pickled green beans that turned out mushy rather than crunchy, a jar of borscht defrosting inside of my favorite mug, and a whole mess of condiments in plain view and obscured: Thai red curry paste, homemade tomato jam, green peppercorns in brine, a tube of harissa, a tub of sour cream, Inglehoffer mustard, home preserved Meyer lemons, chipotle chilis in oil, sauerkraut, kimchi.

Second shelf: The large white package on the left side is birth control, shipped to me by Group Health with very stern instructions to refrigerate until use. Then there's Sabra hummus (on sale at the Grocery Outlet), leftover braised chard, Best Foods mayo, homemade salsa verde, and an assortment of homemade preserves: blackberry, blueberry, strawberry. The brown tray on the far right is the designated chocolate and cheese "drawer." Right now it's got just a giant block of cheddar, the end of a Parmesan wedge, and some Scharfenberger that I used to bake a cake back in July.

Shelf 2.5: A long time ago, I realized the hidden crisper drawer was bullshit and that I needed to be able to see what was inside at all times. So I took the top off to create more of a Vegetable Bin (this also conveniently created more room for beer and wine bottles). I then balanced the top (rather jankily) just below the second shelf. This shelf is the permanent home to three items: bay leaves, tortillas, and special cookies. Right now there's a guest appearance going on by a bundle of thyme.

Veggie/Beer Bin: Often this area is totally out of control, especially right after we've picked up our CSA share. But we're at the end of the week, so most of the veggies have been eaten down. Right now there's just two zucchinis, a bag of hot chilis bought from the Filipino farmers who have their impromptu market Saturday mornings by the VA hospital on Beacon Hill, celeraic (which I am trying to figure out what the hell to do with), a couple of carrots, and salad mix. There's a glut of beverages right now, the result of a recent trip to Grocery Outlet: bottles of Kona Longboard Lager, a six-pack of Busch tall boys, and two mini "XXX" Vitamin Waters.

Other items not shown: Our beloved hot sauce shelf on the inside of the fridge door. Right now we've got 13 different kinds like Valentina, Sriracha, sambal oelek, fermented black bean and chili, dried shrimp in chili oil, mixed Indian pickle, Tabasco, and a bunch more.

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