Oh! October!

There is nothing black and white about the Casablanca.
Happy October, everyone! It's officially Halloween candy season. I am a huge fan of all things pumpkin and spice this time of year, but I realize it can get a little overwhelming. That's why I can appreciate some of the new chocolate flavors at Oh! Chocolate, one of my favorite candy stores in town (I'm partial to the one in Madison Park because they have wine tastings and chocolate classes).

Last week, Oh! introduced two new fall flavors: the maple cream and the Casablanca. While the maple flavor is an obvious seasonal choice, the Casablanca is less so. It's infused with a rum spiked with apricot and orange. So, when you bite into it, you get the sensation you just bit into a chocolate covered orange, but then the apricot sneaks up on you. The rum is so subtle, it's basically there solely to deliver the fruit one-two punch. These truffles are about $1.70 each. If you ask nicely, the fine folks behind the counter will probably give you a sample for free. They're good like that.

If you want your pumpkin fix, Oh! sells a bag of bite-sized pumpkin biscotti that is drenched in white chocolate and sprinkled with pumpkin sugar. There's a dish of them for you to sample. If you play your cards right, you could eat your entire breakfast here.

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