Baked Brie & Fruit Plate from Laughs in Kirkland
Over the past five months my comedy career has taken some odd turns, such as opening


The Last Laugh: My Doppleganger Is Sexy Freddy Krueger

Baked Brie & Fruit Plate from Laughs in Kirkland
Over the past five months my comedy career has taken some odd turns, such as opening for Louie Anderson in Las Vegas, a visit with big gay bunnies, appearing on Comedy Central, and performing in Sequim, Washington. My quest has been a simple one: Make people laugh on the road while attempting to eat healthy in the process. On a tour of small towns where dining options are typically a McMeal, finding a salad that's not loaded with sugar and bacon bits is like finding a virgin at a strip club.

Devin Badoo in Jen Seaman gear and Jen Seaman as Nam Huynh
I ended this month as a man! During Nam Huynh and Jeremy Horn's "Mystery Box Doppleganger" show at Laughs in Kirkland, I donned a red-hooded-sweatshirt and portrayed Huynh as a cynical glue-huffer, drag style, as I reenacted his jokes from a set he performed earlier in the show. At this show, each comic was given the task to perform another comic's material, which would be taboo at any other show. Comedian and caricature artist Devin Badoo had the "honor" of portraying me on stage; but instead of trying to wear my clothes or slapping on my trademark head band, he created a life-size cardboard cutout of me to stick his head through. Good thing for Badoo, I'm only 5'1", so he didn't need a lot of cardboard.

Comedian, Devin Badoo's Jen Seaman costume
While at Laugh's, I indulged in a baked brie and fruit plate. The plate had small slices of toasted bread, which I then layered the thick gooey brie between, creating small attempts at grilled cheese sandwiches; small helpings of comfort food in each bite. I found myself actually swaying my legs, kicking in glee when I ate it. The dish, which is most likely meant for two people, became a cheesy, delicious mess which I happily consumed alone.

I hit up a couple of open mics on the Eastside, one of which was Pegasus Pizza in Kirkland. Pegasus is an interesting spot after hours, as you're never sure how many people will be in the audience, or who might be the host.

The Parlor's chicken tostadas and BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, delicious
This week the host surprised us all by rocking a kilt and a fake body suit, all while pretending to be a pro wrestler. This was quite possibly the scariest costume I'll be seeing this year, seeing as how my boyfriend and roommate are going as a soccer player and doctor, respectively. Men with careers: so scary!

I find Halloween daunting because I don't have daddy issues, so finding a costume was hard. This year, I actually saw a "sexy" Freddy Krueger outfit. I'm pretty sure the makers weren't familiar with the films because Kruegeran insane man who is severely burned doesn't sound hot, even if he was once literally on fire.

Earlier on Wednesday, I attended a packed open mic at Bellevue's Parlor Live. I was really excited to try the Parlor's new menu item, chicken tostadas. The tostada was cleverly served coId, which I thought worked as I hate lettuce that accidentally becomes cooked under the heat of the meat. The flavors were crisp and fresh. I shared my favorite appetizer, the BBQ chicken quesadillas, with my boyfriend. There's something so satisfying about smoked mozzarella and fontina cheese! The sauce was tangy and great combination with the BBQ chicken. It's never soggy or overstuffed like so many other quesadillas.

Jen Seaman, Kevin Addison & Mike Coletta waiting for The Parlor's Open Mic sippin' on Shirley Temples.
This week marked the Who Shot JR? and Spitfire Production of Paint it Pink, a comedic fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, held at Seattle's Pan Pacific Hotel. This was the first of its kind created by comedians JR Berard and Shannon Whaley. It was a fantastic line-up with Susan Jones headlining and a generous audience both with laughs and donations. Jones showed off her line of comedic babywear with hilarious sayings such as: "Baby Gaga" and "Hey lady nice tits, I can say that because I'm a baby." Jones generously donated all the sales profits to the event that night.

My joke that killed was:

I've been hearing this song by Usher..."I want to make love in the club... in the the club." If a man approached me with this I'd say, "Hey, I'm a Lady! Let's just go to your car."

As this is my last column, thank you for reading Belly Laugh! It has been an honor to inform Seattle about our booming comedy community. I look forward to seeing you laughing in the audience soon.

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