Lecosho Adds Lunch

You can already go to Lecosho for porchetta with white beans and baby turnips. You can get house-brined pork chops, grilled mackerel with olives and bitter greens, a tartine with grilled sardines, Aquavit-cured pork belly rilette (which is making me hungry just writing the words) and all manner of house-made charcuterie courtesy of chef Mike Easton (most recently ex of 315 Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM), sous chef Meredith Molli (from La Boucherie on Vashon Island) and the crew. Dinner service? They've got that pretty well in hand after just a week on their feet.

But now comes the announcement that owner Matt Janke (of Matt's in the Market) is already tacking on a lunch service to his new joint overlooking Harbor Steps.

Staring Monday, October 11 (yeah, that's next Monday), Lecosho will begin serving lunch daily from 11am-3pm. And the midday board is shaping up to be just as impressive as the dinner menu. We're talking poached tuna salad with bleu cheese, olives, capers and potatoes, a jumped-up BLT with bacon, lettuce, roasted tomatoes and bacon aioli on potato bread, and a pulled turkey mole served warm on a seeded brioche bun with crispy slaw and spicy aioli.

Obviously, pork is a big thing at Lecosho (the name is Chinook for pig). Janke and his team make their own bacon, their own sausage, their own charcuterie. They recycle their scraps to feed the pigs that they keep on Vashon Island. But really, the ever-changing menus are more about "Food we like," (meaning the foods that Janke, Easton and partner Jill Buchanan like) which also happens to be the motto of the restaurant. Thankfully, it seems that the things they like also happen to be the things that I like, so I can't wait to check the place out--either for lunch or for dinner.

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