"On the other hand, the McRib is a ghost. A magical sandwich that has died a dozen times over and been brought back to life.


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Cocaine, Lasers and Chinese Take-Out


"On the other hand, the McRib is a ghost. A magical sandwich that has died a dozen times over and been brought back to life. It is a culinary phoenix and, in part, a glimpse into the wise machine that is the McDonald's marketing arm. See, the McRib comes and goes. It arrives on menus for the most part unannounced, is available for a short time, then vanishes again. It is never available everywhere, all the time (or hasn't been since 1994, anyway, when it was used as a promotional tie-in for the live-action Flintstones movie), and when it was a regular fixture on the McDonald's menu, was a fairly spectacular failure. But McDonald's decided to make a myth of the McRib. It announced that it would be removing it from menus forever in 2005, following a "McRib Farewell Tour" and then, at the same time, started its own website with a petition to "Bring Back the McRib"--which it did in 2006, for a second farewell tour. And then again in 2007. And in 2008. And in 2009. These were all regional appearances, limited in time and in space. There is a website dedicated to tracking McRib sightings and the restaurants where they are located. It has to be updated frequently because the McRib never remains anywhere for too long. Right now, there are confirmed McRib sighting in Billings, Montana, in Sunrise Manor, Nevada and Richmond, Indiana and two in Arizona--one in Phoenix, one near Apache Junction.

But soon, and for the first time in 16 years, all of this will be moot."

From "McRib Sandwich Comes Back To McDonald's," not the week's most interesting post, but one of the most popular. Kinda like the sandwich itself...


"It is a restaurant that is playing unashamedly on the American appetite for large food and gigantic portions. It is deliberately taunting us, laughing at the notion of obesity and heart disease and the kind of hunger which oversteps the bounds of reason and rationality and makes people crave something like a two-pound burger brought by a pretty girl in a nurse's uniform and preceded by a "doctor" checking your heart with a stethoscope. In this way, it is a parody, masquerading as an actual restaurant, and it is brilliant in a totally lowest-common-denominator sort of way. The ultimate, sweet irony of the place is that it is owned and operated by Jon Basso--a man who once ran a chain of personal fitness training studios. The entire idea for the place came out of a thesis paper on dieting."

From "Free Burgers, Lawsuits and Cardiac Surgery at John Howie Steak," about the weird link between John Howie Steak, the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona, and a burger named the "Triple Bypass."


"Luckily the menu appeared to be kingly enough for me. It's short, with maybe 15 different items on it. Everything appeared to be pretty tasty, so we ordered a few things. The baby lettuce salad ($9) was beautifully composed. Mesclun greens and frisee were tossed with batons of apple, diced chives, mint, and radishes sliced so thinly, they looked like translucent portals into some pastoral fairy land where frogs wear vests, hardworking centipedes slake their thirst by drinking dew from acorn caps, and matronly ladybugs leave baskets of freshly- baked muffins at the door to your two bedroom toadstool. There were even edible flowers!

Unfortunately, it sucked."

From the Surly Gourmand's look at Taste at SAM, of course. Couldn't you tell?


"You can eat her, but you'll be hungry 30 minutes later."

From "Top 10 Tasteless Halloween Costumes."


"2) Water

If there is enough cocaine being circulated at your party, the consumption of liquor will drop off considerably (saving you a fortune on the bar tab). But this doesn't mean that your guests won't become thirsty. Here are some suggested cocktails for the well-powdered.

The Cocaine Cowboy

Ingredients: Water

Preparation: Pour water in glass, serve

The Yayo Cooler

Ingredients: Water, Ice

Preparation: Pour water in glass, add ice, serve

The Downside

Ingredients: Water

Preparation: Pour water in glass, fill only half-way, serve

The Paris Hilton

Ingredients: Glass

Preparation: It's an empty glass, get it?

Cocaine Drinking Games:

Coke Pong--Like beer pong without the beer. Put an empty glass on the table. Add a dozen ping-pong balls. Shout, "Coke Pong!" And while all of your guests are distracted by frantically trying to bounce the balls into the empty glass, do the rest of their cocaine."

From "6 Things That Go With Cocaine: Food Pairing for the Modern Sophisticate."


Yeah, that's a pumpkin. Carved with a freakin' laser! Read all about it in the Seattle Food Geek's "Pumpkin Carving for Geeks."

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