Hey... How ya like my wiener?

We had Ray Charles in the section this week. And Kevin Bacon. That scary dude from Machete (his name


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Celebrity Extravaganza

Hey... How ya like my wiener?

We had Ray Charles in the section this week. And Kevin Bacon. That scary dude from Machete (his name is Danny Trejo) made an appearance, and so did Robert Plant. And Roman Polanski. And Richard Blais and Anne Burrell and Grant Achatz and Jimmy Page and Bill Gates. We had more celebrity walk-ons in the past five days than the Jerry Lewis telethon, and every one of them (in one way or another) had something to do with food.



Do you know where Ray Charles's favorite pie came from? We do. It was made by Geraldine Gordon, mother of Mike Gordon, who now owns and runs Uncle Mike's--a BBQ joint in White Center stumbled upon in this week's Bottomfeeder. Mike remembers Charles just dropping by the Gordon household for a meal whenever he was in town, getting a good feed and some pie from Geraldine before burning the town up in some club or another. And guess where Mike learned how to cook?


"Any postulation that Machete is some kind of incendiary political screed is undermined by the fact that it's decked from head-to-toe with very intentional silliness. The leitmotif of Seagal's samurai sword is cribbed directly from The Six Million Dollar Man (which nearly turns the senseless beheading of Machete's wife into a comic scene), Danny Trejo gets fresh with nearly every female character in the film and even Robert De Niro gets the laziest racial make-over since John Wayne in The Conqueror. If this movie really incites a race war, I'd hate to see what the Let The Right One In remake is going to do for creepy Swedish children."

That's from this week's Dinner & A Movie double-tap of Machete (the movie) and El Puerco Lloron (the dinner). Guess which one turned out better?

If the geek side of drinking (as opposed to movies) is more your thing, we also had some cocktailing lessons from Grant Achatz in preparation for the opening of his new Chicago joint, Aviary. And then there was the news that fellow liquid nitrogen enthusiast Richard Blais was going to be in Seattle for one night only for a Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at the Columbia Tower Club. Oh, and not for nothing, but one of our own got to sit down and have dinner with the Food Network's Anne Burrell. And you can read all about it here.


Yes, that is a sculpture of the head of Kevin Bacon. Made entirely of bacon.

You're welcome.


"The minute I step through Smith's doors, I like the space. It's dark and rough around the edges, sparsely decorated with taxidermied animals and portraits of garage-sale quality, and looks for all the world like a local pub in the English countryside which, through poor investment or maybe the owner's gambling problems, has been forced to sell off half the art and animal heads and some of the fixtures just to keep the lights on. A man dressed in wood paneling could disappear here utterly, and the faux gas lamps at every table sport mismatched shades. On the radio, Robert Plant is tearing his way through "The Battle of Evermore," lending the whole place an air of weird magic, as though you could look through the blank spaces on the walls and almost see back into an uncertain past where a gangly, pimple-faced teenager and his best friend, Jimmy, are standing on a rickety stage, leaning into those first hammer-of-the-gods power chords and shaking their hips around, scaring the locals."

That's from this week's review of Smith--not the friendliest thing I've ever written, but not the meanest, either. And it's how Robert Plant and Jimmy Page ended up in our paper this week, which is always a good thing, no matter how it happens.

As for Roman Polanski, he somehow managed to sneak in during a discussion of the 6 best foods to eat while drunk--a part of our ongoing "Food Pairings for the Modern Sophisticate" feature. He, of course, made his appearance during a joke about someone losing their virginity at a hot dog eating contest.


Finally, there was Bill Gates. Or anyway, a guy who looked kinda like Bill Gates, stalking around on stage and pretending to predict the future for Ivar's and tell what things were going to be like when that venerable clam shack celebrates its 100th birthday in 2038.

I've got three words for you: Seagull. Advertising. Squadron.

Check out the videos in Wednesday's post to see what I'm talking about.

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