Georgetown Liquor Company Needs More Liquor


Georgetown Liquor Company, despite the name, gets most of its positive reputation for delicious vegetarian fare and enough vintage video games to qualify the bar as a small museum. Behind the counter, Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo video games are available to check out and play on the bar's endearingly ancient monitors while hopefully getting sloppy enough to get your 'tween 8-bit edge back.

On Airport Way and Lucille Street, of course you're going to hear the trains. But a good old fashioned spurt of industrial transport might just be what most Seattle dives need -- the occasional lacuna of locomotion that breaks up the hackneyed drunken tirades about Glee you've been rehearsing throughout your work day.

If that wasn't enough to distract you, Georgetown Liquor Company's vegetarian food is delicious to even the most tofu-phobic. The Georgetown Liquor Company's crispy baked polenta features a bourbon-ginger-apple chutney that's probably whiskey's most inspired application on the entire menu. With a wide range of animal-friendly sandwich fillings from vegan "ham", vegan tuna salad, and a garden burger patty made in-house, GLC's meaningful variety of meat alternatives stays true to their motto: "strong enough for a carnivore, made for an herbivore."

Unfortunately, the creative edges to the GLC's appetizers and sandwiches don't really carry over to their cocktails. What kind of liquor company lets me order Leia's Tacos with something named The Sleestak, then leaves me with a short list of flavored Stolichnaya concoctions that looks like it was cribbed from a T.G.I. Friday's Happy Hour menu?

The Derby was the sole whiskey cocktail the GLC touted: Maker's Mark and a splash of Benedictine served cold, up and very stiff. The drink was actually so stiff it more or less felt like drinking a glass of Maker's, but if I had my choice of how to mess up a mixed drink, that'd probably be the way.

The Poltergeist (Stoli Vanilla, Chambourd, with Cream or Soy) had a flicker of novelty to it -- making me wonder how it'd taste with bourbon. The bartender let her skepticism be known instantaneously, but nevertheless had to try a sip after mixing. To her surprise as well as mine, the result was pretty satisfying. It had the taste of chocolate covered cherries, but wasn't a sugary mess that drowned out the spirit.

The GLC is a coup for both vegans and gamers -- a well-attended bar packed with Field Roast and retro consoles. It's just a shame that the "Liquor" of Georgetown Liquor Company is currently a little malnourished. With a beefed up cocktail menu that catered to more than drunken sweet tooths, this bar would almost certainly cement itself as one of the most unique and exciting dives in Seattle.

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