Floating Farmers Market Debuts at Lake Union Park, Canlis Offers Four-Course Dinner for Under $10

Peter Canlis Prawns
Down with dockside delivery? Farmboat, a floating farmers market, will make a stop every Wednesday this month, starting today, at Lake Union Park at 860 Terry Ave North from 12-7 p.m. according to Seattle Met. You can shop for Willowood Farm potatoes, dried fruits and spices, fresh flowers, homemade crafts, and more. If all goes well, Farmboat hopes to run a total of three delivery boats in the Puget Sound.

In other news, Canlis is celebrating its 60th birthday by offering customers $4 whole broiled lobster, $4.25 filet mignon, and under $10 four-course dinners. Of course, there's a catch -- for these prices to apply, you must order off a vintage 1950 Canlis menu. Owners Mark and Brian Canlis have signed 50 copies and hidden them in the city, and will give hints on their whereabouts via Canlis' Facebook and Twitter pages. The hunt and offer ends Saturday, December 11. So keep your eyes peeled. You could score a steal of a date.

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