Cupcakes on the Eastside: Grand Opening Party for the New Cupcake Royale

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We (by which I mean me) have been writing a lot lately about the opening of the new Cupcake Royale location in Bellevue. There was the unusual call for new employees, the unveiling of the mobile cupcake party cart, the announcement of an opening date (and free cupcakes to go with it).

One of the reasons for all the good ink is that everyone likes to hear about new places to score cupcakes. Everyone who likes cupcakes, anyway. The other reason? The new location opened inside a former IHOP location at 21 Bellevue Way NE and I've always had a strange weakness for the kind of recycling that happens when a new restaurant can not only take over the address of an old restaurant, but make use of a little bit of its style and soul as well.

But anyway, that's all beside the point here, and I've already talked plenty about the International House of Cupcakes that came of the IHOP-turned-cupcake-shop. What's important is that, now that the new location is up and running, it's time for a party.

On Sunday, October 10, Cupcake Royale will be throwing its official grand opening shin-dig, featuring music (from The Not Its, from 4:30 'til 6pm), a DJ (Dirty Juanita, spinning from 7pm-9pm), a "Sprinkle Your Own Cupcake" bar (which just sounds kinda dirty...), Stumptown coffee tastings and, of course, cupcakes. The party will be running until around 10pm, so if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood and in the mood for cupcakes, now you know where to go.

For more info on the new shop (plus a way to get even more free cupcakes), check out the Cupcake Royale blog right here.

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