Create Your Own Pop Tart Contest: And the Winner Is...

Photo (and homemade pop tarts) courtesy

So, apparently, the notion of specialty Pop Tarts didn't move most of you the way it did me. I got about ten suggestions--a few comments on the blog, a couple emails, some given in person--which wasn't exactly the overwhelming response I was hoping for.

But that's cool. The suggestions I did get were pretty good: everything from a turkey-and-stuffing filled Pseudo Tart with cranberry frosting for Thanksgiving to a Shamrock Shake Mock Tart for St. Patty's Day and a pate-filled Tarte Francais with duck demi icing for Bastille Day. I was particularly fond of the Easter-y quiche-filled tart with communion wafer crust and Blood-o-Christ frosting (Mmmm...sacrilicious), and thought that the pecan pie Pop Tart (minus the whole nuts) might actually be a workable flavor.

But the winner...

Haupia, in all its milky glory
...The winner was Derkruk who came up with a suggestion that was both bizarre and potentially edible.

"For Kamehameha Day (June 11) in Hawaii," Derkruk offered a taro-filled Pop Tart, frosted with haupia, which is a kind of coconut milk pudding popular at luaus, weddings and any other gathering where people might require a pudding.

Derkruk took the prize this time around because he picked a holiday that no one else was ever going to think of, some ingredients not normally found in the Pop Tarts palette, and found both a reasonable and culturally-appropriate way to jam them into a breakfast pastry. That's the kind of thinking they need at Pop Tarts World HQ, young man (or woman, depending)! Nicely done.

So Derkruk, I'll be in touch about putting a prize into your hands. And in the meantime, the rest of you keep your eyes on this blog for the next chance to help me clean my desk win fabulous prizes, courtesy of Voracious, and yours truly.

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