Are Ridiculously Huge Burgers the New Gourmet Hot Dog?

Sure, this could feed my whole family. But it can feed just me, too.
Recently, the hot carnival food trend has been to take the dog out of hot dogs, dressing them up in saffron and bacon and 14-karat diamonds, as Po Dog does. Now, granted, we've been a little burger-obsessed of late (see today's food section), but are insanely large burgers the next trend to really pop, figuratively and literally?

For one, there's Burger Madness in SoDo and Monroe, which will add as many patties to your burger as you'd like them to, for a price (the record is 14 in one sitting). Then there's the massive grilled cheese-burger hybrid that almost got Bellevue's John Howie Steak sued. Now comes word from a petite meat enthusiast that Fox Sports Grill on 6th Ave has a three-pound OMG burger.

And the Obamas want Americans to get skinnier? Whatever gets Adam Richman back to Seattle is enough to trump the White House, we say.

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