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The Deviled Egg Bounty! With the Dreaded Daredevil Eggs!
This week was not my most healthy week for Belly Laugh, with deviled eggs, Cobb salads


Jai Thai Serves Stiff Drinks, Hilarity Ensues

deviled eggs.jpg
The Deviled Egg Bounty! With the Dreaded Daredevil Eggs!
This week was not my most healthy week for Belly Laugh, with deviled eggs, Cobb salads and pad thai in the mealy mix. But it was definitely my last week of indulgence in terms of being devoid of exercise. Friday was the opening of a brand-new comedy venue at Jai Thai on Capitol Hill run by comedian Anthony Calderon. The room was packed with a late night audience ready to enjoy a free show. Over ten comedians graced the stage to an overflowing room of laughter.

Jai Thai serves some of the strongest drinks I've ever experienced, which may be the cause of the rowdies. I was so grateful that the show was on a Friday as it took me the rest of the weekend to recover from my two drink:s a Mai Thai and a Georgia Peach Ice Tea. This had me smiley for the remainder of the evening and in desperate need of the aspirin fairy on Saturday.

Jai Thai Pad Thai, Bringing the Heat!
I ordered my favorite pad thai with a spice rack, as I wasn't sure if their four star meter was going to be hot enough. However, it was just the right amount of heat no need for the self-serve spice just the right flavor and slow burn that I crave. The portions were enormous and perfect for two meals or to share, but I would have liked to have seen more tofu in my meal. I always find pad thai to have a bite of tofu as if it were more a garnish than part of the dish.

Saturday I performed at the Redline Music and Sports Bar, the all-Cougar bar of West Seattle. As a former, Coug my opener was well received:

Redline Cobb Salad AKA 1/2 a Boyfriend Salad
"I'm a Cougar in two ways: I went to WSU and I'm five years older than my boyfriend!"

I shared the evening with Tacoma-based comedian Toby Roberts and local comediennes Jennifer Burdette and Cathy Sorbo, who is also an announcer for the Rat City Roller Girls. The bar was fantastic: a lovable dive straight from my college days. The stage was lined with vinyl record sleeves from the 80s; these were bands that most likely would never have played at the same venue except for Live Aid or basic rotation on KISW. There was love from the crowd in the form of heckling, but more because of the intimate setting of the room. The heckles received were actually funny and non-threatening. For example I had an interesting heckle from a lady in the back who was a little too eager about one of my jokes:

Nigel Larson's reaction to a Daredevil Egg
"My mom always tells me babies are a gift... I told that to my best friend recently who's pregnant. I said don't worry that's a gift living inside of you rent free. She responded great if it's such a gift you can watch the 4 year old. That's when I realized there are some gifts that need to be regifted!"

At the end of the joke a lady from the back was wailing excitedly and announced that she had a 5-year-old and she completely agreed. I'm still not sure if this was in jest or if this was a mom who really wished she kept her legs closed. Either way she was out on a Saturday night having fun and for that we were all pleased.

Before my set I looked over Redline's enormous menu and saw that many of their items were sold out, such as the thai chicken salad made with their own peanut sauce. I opted for the Cobb salad which turned out to be massive! It was so big I cut it into two salads, one of which had the healthy items: lettuce, eggs, onions and a little bacon and the other half was what I referred to as the boyfriend salad: cheese, blue cheese, ham, bacon, some lettuce and more cheese.

The next morning was a bit easier, as I had learned not to drink the night before after the Jai Thai incident. I spent the next morning making 60 deviled eggs for my roommate's brunch potluck party. I went a little crazy with the varieties from my special ghost chili eggs to my small batch of daredevil eggs which included every hot item I could find in the kitchen (sriracha, ghost chili, crushed peppers, chili powder, etc.) the end result being a red delicious mess of heat. Throughout the brunch it became a game to see if all eight daredevil eggs would be eaten. Each person was successful except for Tacoma based comedian Nigel Larson, who had to run for heat relief slowly after consuming the daredevil.

This week's new joke was inspired by the deviled egg bounty:

"I feel bad about cooking eggs because eggs are chicks God didn't want, but they taste so good... like souls."

NEXT WEEK"S BELLY LAUGH: Will include a whole new exercise routine, meeting with a giant gay bunny-man, Airpocalypse, Diana Hassenger's new comedy venue on Capitol Hill, and more!

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