Sweet News for Organic Strawberry Growers

Chowing down on a mountain of strawberry shortcake this weekend at Bumbershoot won't do anything for your arteries. But if the strawberries are organic, it might help you avoid cancer, according to a study from Washington State University.

According to Grist, WSU scientists spent two years analyzing organic and conventionally-grown strawberries from side-by-side fields. The results? Organic berries contained more antioxidants and vitamin C, which are both thought to have a negative impact on cancer cell growth.

The organic strawberries also proved better for the soil than their non-organic counterparts. Scientists found more zinc, boron, sodium, and iron in the organic fields, as well as greater biodiversity, which scientists believe will be increasingly important as the greenhouse effect leads to unpredictable weather. And in consumer trials, the organic berries got a better taste rating.

Members of the conventional agriculture industry like Monsanto (and folks who don't like shelling out extra bucks to shop at the PCC) have long argued there's no evidence that organic produce is healthier. But though the results of this study apply only to strawberries, the time may be ripe for Big Ag to change its tune.

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