The goal of Belly Laugh is to eat healthy while on the road performing stand-up comedy. The end result of this is hopefully weight lose.


Weight Watchers Scores No Points at Boulangerie Nantaise

The goal of Belly Laugh is to eat healthy while on the road performing stand-up comedy. The end result of this is hopefully weight lose. I've been 30 lbs. heavier than what I should be since college. I was an overachiever when it came to the freshman fifteen. My mother attributes it to my high school job at a fast food restaurant and my newly acquired wheels. Having a car meant I was no longer walking everywhere... why would I? I had a Ford Aspire, periwinkle with a pink racing stripe. I was somebody!

2010-09-14-Buckleys- 011.JPG
My friend Barbara Ross pines over Boulangerie Nantaise's Chausson aux Pommes.
This is my second week with Weight Watchers , and I'm thrilled to say I've already lost one pound since starting the program. I'm also on the lookout for new places to exercise. I've seen a couple of boot camps, yoga studios and kickboxing workshops which may help in my pursuit of a healthier me. However, finding time between a day job, promoting and comedy may be a harder task than the actual work out itself.

This week I performed at Tumwater's Tyee Grill & Event Center, opening for the Pacific Northwest diva of comedy, Debbie Wooten. I've had the honor of opening for Wooten in the past at Swank in Kent, where she destroyed the audience with her hilarious insight and wit about marriage and overcoming obstacles.

I was a little nervous prior to taking the mic, as I had received some bad news from a friend which put me in a funk. One thing about comedy is it doesn't matter what mood you're in, the audience still paid for a show, paid for a sitter, and paid for dinner--so you'd better perform! Wooten said, "You're a funny little white girl!" Somehow having someone I look up to saying something sweet and to the point was all I needed.

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Mango Chicken Salad from the Tyee Grill
The host, Dan Farley brought me up to the music of Rob Zombie's "More Human Than Human," which clearly identifies and sums me up as a person. Something about a small, adorable tot coming up to the lyricist of "Dragula" was a farce. I started my set with a roaring joke regarding my name--"Seaman" does have that effect on people. As soon as I heard the audience's response, the nervousness melted away completely and I was free to have fun, riff and perform.

I had a moment of confusion while on stage as a man on my right started to flash his camera. I mistook this for the stage light ,which lets me know when to get off stage. The gentleman told me that he was taking photos of me for facebook. To which I responded, "We aren't even friends yet on facebook, you're skipping steps and breaking the natural order!"

2010-09-14-Buckleys- 012.JPG
What flaky goodness is all about

I made one fatal mistake while performing, and that was ordering my food prior to getting on stage, which meant my food was sitting out for my entire set. I ordered the mango chicken salad, which was a healthy option considering what else I was eyeing on the menu. The chicken was encrusted with coconut giving the juicy white meat a sweet nutty flavor and crunch. The salad itself was tossed with a mango dressing, which created a tropical dish that felt more like a tasty dessert than dinner.

If I could go all out at Tyee and throw the Weight Watchers points out the window, I would have chowed down on the halibut sandwich the Mac & Jack battered variety served on a Kaiser roll with a big plate of French fries and their signature chipotle ranch slaw! There would have been extra tartar sauce for serious dipping action.

I am allowed some wiggle room in my new dieting plan. I'm given extra points each week to help with cravings and to stay on track. This week I chose to be decadent, delicious and buttery! I went to one of my favorite bakeries due in large part to their organic ingredients and friendly staff, Boulangerie Nantaise in Belltown. I'm convinced that I gained a few when I worked blocks away as I'd regularly snag their "claim to fame" pain au chocolat or chocolate croissant. I knew it was addicting as often times I'd find myself purchasing multiples for my co-workers as well as myself to feel less guilty. If I'm going to gain poundage WE'RE ALL going to gain poundage in the most delicious way possible!

I chose the scrumptious chausson aux pommes (apple turnover). Their apple puree is imported from France and lines the flaky pastry. I asked for it to be warmed which created a whole new experience as I slowly started to peel off each layer of pastry until I came to the apple goodness. I'm convinced that Boulangerie Nantaise can touch you in the way that no man can... sorry that's the big girl inside of me talking. The only way to cure the big girl inside is to feed her ice cream and dreams of marrying Justin Bieber. I'm not a pop enthusiast so my big girl is starving!

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