Lea Michele Lipalike Gabriel Mintz Added to Lineup for Cream-Puff Contest

"Fine, Gabe, but can you sing as well as I?"
Anyone who's seen local singer-songwriter Gabriel Mintz knows he has a great set of lips, a primo kisser. And with those lips, reports Hobosexual manager Amelia Gyde, Mintz has been known to put away an ass-ton of cream puffs. So while technically we restricted the "lips like Lea Michele" criteria to compete in this Thursday evening's revolutionary Beard Papa's Cream Puff Munch-Off at the Little Red Hen to women, when we heard about Mintz's Cream Puff passion, we decided to bust outside the gender box and let him compete alongside The Keeper's Andrew Chapman and Ravenna Woods' Matt Badger for the right to win a free grooming session at Gray's Barber Lounge and a $50 gift certificate for (naturally) more cream puffs.

We also really like Mintz's music (same for Chapman's and Badger's), so there's that. But any way you slice the puff, 7115 Woodlawn Ave NE will be the place to be Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. Do not miss it!

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