That Wascally Wabbit, Scotty The Blue Bunny.
This week's Belly Laugh started like any other with a giant man in a blue bunny costume rapping


Just Follow the Bouncing Bunny...Dong

That Wascally Wabbit, Scotty The Blue Bunny.
This week's Belly Laugh started like any other with a giant man in a blue bunny costume rapping and a trio of gentleman strumming imaginary guitars to the sound of 80s metal gold.

Belly Laugh is a road journal as well as a healthy menu guide of places I perform at while on the road. Many times I lose and splurge as ice cream sundaes are hard to say no to, but I never fail at making people laugh...even if it's just myself.

This has been one of the most interesting weeks in comedy regarding audiences, from 50-year-old drunk women in the corner to razor blade swallowing aficionados. Each venue was completely different and challenging in their own way. Wednesday night I performed at Diana Hassenger's new show at the 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea on Capitol Hill. The staff was incredibly kind and had placed the show poster up by the coffee beans all week for the regulars to see. The show featured an all-comedienne lineup at first: Hassenger, Carol Maki, Sarah Skilling and me. Later in the evening "The Big Funny," Travis Simmons, graced the stage as well. Hassenger had packed the room with a slightly older and more respectful audience. This wasn't a heckling breeding ground by any means. This was more like performing your jokes in front of your family if your family was the Waltons.

Herb Roasted Turkey at 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea
I was the first comic to go up and I found my jokes to get laughs and sometimes groans based on their non-pc factor. For example, don't make fun of people with just one eye... apparently Capitol Hill favors cyclops. (Who knew?) Although I'd rather get a reaction than nothing at all, so that's fine. Opening the show is always the hardest, as you're building the room and setting the tone.

The next comic that came up to the stage was Maki, and the audience absolutely loved her! The jokes about her mother in particular were absolutely relatable (sorry mom) and hilarious. She was perfect when it came to keeping the audience locked in.

In terms of what I ate this week, 15th Street Coffee served up a large salad with herb roasted turkey, parmesan cheese, cranberries with a calming glass of jasmine pearl tea. The salad was quit large, so big, in fact, that I was able to use some of the ingredients for an omelet the next day... a very odd omelet.

Ceasar Salad at the Cloverleaf.
I later performed at the Can Can in the Pike Place Market with America's Got Talent's (AGT) Airpocalypse headlining. The three men of Airpocalypse have built a reputation on being pure fun! They won the hearts of the judges on AGT, Bumbershoot and even performed at a wedding. Who wants a wedding singer anyways; they just steal your fiancé and pal up with Billy Idol, while this trio in spandex and faux fur can generate many smiles with their sexy backup air guitar, and ladies in lingerie and lace. However, the majority of attention was paid to the man in blue.

The one and only Scotty the Blue Bunny appeared. How to describe Scotty? Well, take a 6ft-plus gay man and dress him in clear platform heals and a skin-tight spandex outfit that shows off everything! I do mean everything. Comedian Jay Hollingsworth's joke sums it up: "Men don't rock camel toe, they rock mistletoe." Scotty rocks serious mistletoe that can only be rivaled by David Bowie's codpiece in Labryinth. The Can Can should have had a sign that read, "Warning: the first three rows may experience tea-bagging." Scotty was incredibly engaging with his tongue and cheek humor and musical rap. Later in the week, as I was watching the Travel Channel's Extreme Restaurant's I saw the Blue Bunny at San Francisco's legendary Supperclub... that bunny sure gets around.

Chicken Quesadilla at the Cloverleaf.

Airpocalypse brought together a vaudeville-inspired show of mayhem. There was a variety of comedians, the jolly Scotty the Blue Bunny and the carnival attractions of Julia Ghoulia. The audience was a gasp when Ghoulia swallowed not 1, not 2, but 4 razor blades and fished them out with dental floss. Dental's not just a fighter of plaque, but also a fighter of internal cutting. Hear that children? If you're really upset you can hide the scars on your arms by cutting yourself on the inside... you know where the real scars are.

Friday required a ferry trip to the shores of lovely Bremerton and one of my favorite venues, The Cloverleaf. The charming bar always hosts fundraisers for a variety of causes such as Susan G. Komen, little league, and Haiti. This week it was for Haiti. I performed for an intimate audience with Vince Valenzula and comedian Alex Meyer.

Prior to the show, I cheated a bit on unhealthy food items but shared half of my meal to help with portion control. I started with a Caesar Salad, which was tangy and delicious with a mound of croutons which I tried to avoid as it also came with two pieces of garlic bread. I ate half of a chicken quesadilla, which came with green onions, tomatoes and sour cream. The quesadilla was enormous--each wedge was the size of a normal pizza slice. I tried to stop there but the waitress really wanted me to try the S'more sundae as it was a new item for the Cloverleaf. I wasn't sure if I should, but then I realized I have a boyfriend with a bottomless stomach who would help me. The sundae had a warm brownie at the bottom, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whip cream, graham crackers and a cherry on top. I was so grateful that I wasn't indulging alone but found myself hogging more of the sundae because when I splurge... sometimes it's hard to stop.

Saturday I had the fortune of working with a couple of my favorite comedians: The schoolteacher turned comedian, Cory Michaelis and finalist of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, Travis Simmons. I had the pleasure of hosting at G.A. Maxwell's in Marysville. The comedy room in G.A. Maxwell's is the upper level of the restaurant in the shape of a giant horseshoe, which makes the laughs from the back of the house hard to hear but a fun challenge to see if a joke is really killing or not.

The Evil S'more Sundae at the Cloverleaf.
It was this evening that I got to make friends with a couple of 50-year-old ladies on the sidelines of the stage that were some of the rowdiest ladies I have ever met. Apparently age doesn't slow you down in Marysville.

Maxwell's had one of the sweetest wait staffs I have ever encountered; they were true comedy fans. Outside of the tipsy ladies, the audience was engaging and fun. I enjoyed a candlelight dinner of a veggie burger with Swiss cheese and roasted red potatoes that were a better option than French fries.

Next Week's Belly Laugh: will feature a trip to Sequim and insulting neck tattooed badasses that threaten to take you to their meth labs in the back of a van in Lynnwood. In other words, a typical Wednesday.

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