Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Dick's, Weed, Cream Puffs and Free Beer

You know we've been having a good week when this is one of the LESS weird pictures I've got to choose from
It's been another strange week here at Voracious World HQ. I mean, sure. We've offered up plenty of the workaday news that you crave. We've told you about new gyros in Capitol Hill, free, foraged wild urban blueberries, pork fried rice on the Orient Express and the new urban farming rules taking effect in Seattle this week.

While Versus took on the diner fare (and morning beers) at Easy Street Cafe, Secrets of a Food Writer's Fridge took a look inside one of the saddest refrigerators there is--nothing but beer and cat medicine.

While the newsy half of our staff was keeping you updated on the crab meat recall affecting Washington State and the opening of new Hawaiian restaurants, the other half was making sure you didn't miss out on the vicious battle between West Seattle and Everett over who was going to get the newest Dick's location or the pictures of the newest KFC advertising ploy: plastering their logos across the shapely asses of hot college coeds. And yeah, we have pictures.


See? Told ya...

We had a couple of good fights this week. The first was over genetically modified food--in particular, the first-ever genetically modified animal being considered by the FDA for human consumption. I'll bet you can guess how the people of Seattle came down on that issue.

The second fight was between meat-eaters and vegetarians (again), all sparked by an interview with chef Tim Love (with a little help from me), and a list of all the reasons why meat is better than vegetables. I'll bet you can guess how that battle went, too.

Grillaxin' talked to chef Holly Smith about books, schools, Cafe Juanita and the Next Iron Chef.

We listed Seattle's Top Five Heart Attacks On A Plate.

There was the possibility that former Seattle Supersonics star Shawn Kemp might be opening a restaurant in Queen Anne.

And then...weed


We started a new recurring feature this week, called Food Pairing For the Modern Sophisticate, and opened things up with the 12 best foods to eat while stoned. Yeah, you're welcome.

But for those of you who prefer the bottle to the bong, how 'bout this for good news? GQ magazine named the Zig Zag Cafe as the best cocktail bar in the nation. What's more, Needle and Thread (the half-secret, second bar above Tavern Law) got tagged as the 25th best in America as well. It was a good week to be a drinker in Seattle.

A.J. Tigner talked whiskey, blood and concealed weapons for Whiskey Wednesday.

The Seattle Food Geek went totally nuts for a sous vide machine.

And then...pandas?

If you see this panda coming, run.

Yes. Pandas. The most intimidating panda ever, actually--which was enough to convince me never to move to Egypt and to never, EVER say no to Panda Cheese. If you haven't checked out the video yet, you really should. It's the funniest cheese commercial (featuring a really pissed off panda) you will ever see.

Thanks to Sexy Feast, we got our tea bagged at Le Gourmand.

Want to know how to score some free beer? We told you how...

...then told you why you can't get any free beer here in Washington State (thanks to the liquor control board).

Thumbnail image for HomerNoBeer.jpg
Thanks, Washington...

Oh, but wait! We did find a way for you to get a free beer (voucher) in this town after all. Kind of. And all you have to do Mariners tickets.

After that, we'd had enough of laws and complications, so talked about Gordon Gecko and Wall Street, late-night slices at Big Mario, held ourselves a cream puff eating contest (which was handily won by bearded rocker Andrew Chapman of The Keeper), and ate wasabi gum and nacho cheese-flavored mints.

Sounds delicious, right? Well we taste this stuff so you don't have to.

And that's just what we'll be doing all over again next week, starting on Monday, when we meet you right back here again for more of the best (and weirdest) food news in Seattle and beyond.

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