Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Meat and BJ's

Mmm... Meat
Some weeks are normal. Some weeks are very straightforward--just news, news and more news. Some weeks we really have to dig to find the true oddities to amuse and delight you.

This was not one of those weeks.

This week, the weirdness just kept on coming, giving us the opportunity to talk about everything from beets and burrito world records to prosciutto underpants.

Good thing, then, that we started off Monday bright and early with our morning coffee. More specifically, with our morning coffee lingo, courtesy of Spilling the Beans.

This was followed with some Filipino baked goods at Delite Bakery, a slider 3-way at Lot No. 3, beets in our CSA box and the horrors of the New Mexico State Fair where competitive eater Joey Chestnut managed to put down 47 bean, cheese and green chile burritos in just ten minutes. At which point he exploded.

Okay, not really. But seriously, how could he not have?

I'm not even sure I could fit 47 burritos in my fridge (let alone my belly), what with all the take-out boxes and beer I displayed to the world in part one of our multi-part exploration of the refrigerators of Voracious food writers. And after that, we were off to the races.

Grillaxin' took on La Bete this week. We discussed the 7 reasons why your hot dog cart guy hates you. Trust me, just listing 7 reasons was a mercy. Kristos Eastlake was our Happy Hour target for those who like it Mediterranean style. And for those who like a little more geek in their snacks, dig this: instructions on how to deep fry an egg yolk from the Seattle Food Geek.

We talked waffles this week. Then we talked waffles some more. And when we were done talking about waffles, we went right to fish and chips, the best onion rings in the city and the world's coolest molecular gastronomy slideshow, courtesy of LIFE magazine. Because yeah, that's just how we roll.

Want to know what is the foodiest town in America? Well you'd already know the answer to that if you paid more attention to Voracious. You'd also know where to score fresh tofu, who won the big Tilth organic cocktail competition, the 15 reasons why Lady Gaga's meat dress was just awesome and why we should all be wearing prosciutto underpants every day.

Are you an international agribusiness consortium with billions of dollars in revenues and a product that everyone hates? Then man, have we got a story for you: a simple three-step how-to on turning all that high fructose corn syrup you've got lying around into natural (and profitable!) corn sugar.

Sexy Feast took us on a spin through Blackboard Bistro. Belly Laugh discussed the perils of being a Weight Watcher at the boulangerie. Nathan Myhrvold announced a delay in the release of his massive $600 cookbook (probably because he was too busy building some kind of super-intelligent cookbook-writing robot). And I discovered (some might say invented) energy ham--the world's first caffeinated pork product.

After that, it was all downhill. We tried to feed some black bean bisque to Joaquin Phoenix (because he seems like a fella who could really use some), explained how to get a $9 BJ at the Swinery and, finally, got to spread a little love by talking about MSNBC going all googly-eyed over our local, neighborhood butchers.

And that, my friend, was the week in weird, courtesy of all your friends here at Voracious World HQ. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you all bright and early on Monday morning.

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