Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Cheese, Booze, Crab Cakes, and Nudes

Oh, don't we all...
Every week, we here at Voracious World HQ scour the city, the suburbs and the world to come up with all the most riveting and important food news happening anywhere that two people might sit down to eat. And while next week is going to be a little bit abbreviated (we're taking Labor Day off to sit on the couch and drink in our underpants spend some time with our families and loved ones), this week was true to form. We had everything from the weird, international cuisine at Ruby Restaurant on the Ave (bright and early on Monday morning) to a tale of Baltic Sea sunken treasure in the form of 200-year-old beer and champagne (late Friday afternoon). Between those two poles came everything else we thought might interest, amuse or educate you, our faithful readers.

Here's the highlights...

For those of you on Capitol Hill, we had news of both Thai and Tokyo-style restaurants opening in your 'hood. Versus took on two plates at Senor Moose to see which was better (hint: it rhymes with schmenchilada). In CSA Summer, Angela Garbes talked about the downside of Community Supported Agriculture while Mike Seely reported on the downside of Groupon and, in a snub to actual reality, Top Chef managed to snag an Emmy for best reality show.

Meanwhile, it was food trucks, food trucks and more food trucks early in the week as we wrote about Marination Mobile's quest to be named America's Favorite Food Truck (and snag a spot of the Food Network), Matthew Lewis and his truck, Where Ya At Matt, got some Grillaxin' love, and then a double-dose as the Surly Gourmand also weighed in and gave Lewis and his truck a 10 out or 10--something I've never seen before.

Where Ya At Matt wasn't the only Seattle operation getting double-coverage this week, either. Early on, the Seattle Food Geek took us all along for a sneak peek inside the secret Modernist Cuisine kitchen where Nathan Myhrvold and Chris Young created all the experiments detailed in their $600 cookbook of the same name. And then, a couple days later, we posted an hour-long video of a talk given by Myhrvold and Young at UW on heat transfer, liquid nitrogen, giant worms, dinosaurs and why a burger tastes like a burger. Believe it or not, this was incredibly fascinating stuff--though granted, you've got to really be ready to geek out before you sit down to watch that lecture.

After that, we had Happy Hour at the Atlantic Crossing, trivia night at the Rat and the Raven, hash browns fried in bacon fat at Blueacre Seafood, local winners from the American Cheese Society's annual competition, some news about Volunteer Park Cafe and their complaining neighbors, Seattle's Top 5 Jell-O shots and some stuff about booze--namely that drinkers outlive non-drinkers by a very large margin according to the greatest medical research study in the universe.

Whew... That's a lot of stuff.

But wait, there's more. Taco Time became a patron of the arts. Sexy Feast brought in a little Asian flavor. We found a way for pirates, Midwesterners and Green Bay Packers fans to all drink together in peace, then ruined your ears and eyeballs forever by showing you The Fried Chicken Song--a video you watch once and are haunted by forever after.

After that, we had news from the backroom of the Seattle Weekly Homebrew Competition and more news from our very own neighborhood where John's Wok closed with no warning this week, leaving us screwed for places to buy packs of smokes and salty hangover cures.

Did you know that it's National Bourbon Heritage Month? It is. It's also almost the end of the season, so score those organic strawberries while you can. If you're a more inside-y kind of person, though, maybe you could watch George Clooney kill a bunch of people after a fast dinner at the West Edge Market, or maybe just dream about sampling one of the dozen-odd bottles of 200-year-old champagne just rescued from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Those who know are thinking that these are going to go for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars apiece when they finally go up on the auction block, so you might want to start saving now. Just sayin'.

And that, my friends, was our week. Remember, it's going to be a short one next week, but we'll all be back on Tuesday morning with all the food news you need to make it through your busy days. So long 'til then, and have a great Labor Day weekend.

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