Friday Food Porn: Angry Crab and Pretty Little Fishies

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston

Some of you out there seem to think it a little bit strange that, in a review of one of the best seafood restaurants in this fish-obsessed city, I spent a good chunk of space talking about...potatoes.

But see, here's the thing. Those potatoes (the Potatoes Minneapolis, to be specific, on the board at Kevin Davis's new Blueacre Seafood), were a surprise hit--my favorite dish on a menu full of great ones, and the one plate that I was still thinking about long after memories of the tuna and salmon and swordfish and crabs had faded away.

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston
Potatoes Minneapolis, in close up. What you can't see is the bacon hidden inside.
Lucky for all of us then that photographer Joshua Huston followed along after me and snapped some gorgeous pictures of a lot of the other dishes on offer at Blueacre. And now, we've taken all his hard work and put it together into a food porn slideshow where any one of the shots included could easily be a centerfold. He shot everything from the "Ultimate Crabcake" to the "Angry Crab" and even managed to sneak in a couple shots of the action on the flying saucer-y main floor, so if you're looking for a spot for dinner this weekend, now you'll know what you're getting into if you choose Blueacre.

And not for nothing, but you really should choose Blueacre. It's that good right now.

Just be sure to save room for the potatoes.

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