Cupcake Royale Announces an Eastside Opening Date

Cupcake Royale's brand spankin' new Mobile Party Cart
Okay, so now that all the rush and panic of this morning's free cupcake announcement is done, we can all sit back, relax and take a look at some of the more vital details about the opening of the new Cupcake Royale location in Bellevue.

We first discussed the real possibility of a new Cupcake Royale location on the Eastside back on August 20. At that time, we were able to confirm that there was, in fact, a new cupcakery in the works, but that was about it. There was a call put out for baristas, cupcake bakers and frosters on the Cupcake Royale blog, but that was about all we knew. And talking to people associated with the cupcake factory yielded very few additional details.

"[Cupcake Royale employees were]...less than forthcoming," I wrote, "explaining that they were going to be making a formal announcement sometime soon, but that the early hint was just a little tease for the fans and a way to staff up the new shop."

But now we've got all the details straight from the source and, as things turned out, this is actually something of a double-announcement.

Not only do we now know the location of the new shop (21 Bellevue Way NE) and have a rough idea of the opening date (last week of September), but we also know that the Royale crew are also now capable of taking their sweets to the street with their brand-new Mobile Cupcake Party Cart, which will be on-site at the new location, feeding the needs of the neighborhood until the actual brick-and-mortar shop gets up and running.

(As soon as I read that information, it made me wonder why I don't have some sort of Mobile Party Cart of my own. Doesn't that sound like something everyone ought to have available to them? Granted, mine would probably dispense pulled pork and whiskey instead of cupcakes, but still... I want one--something sleek and awesome, with flames painted on the sides and maybe an airbrushed wizard or crying tiger--and now just have to figure out a way to get the company to pay for its construction.)

Anyway, one of the very cool things about the new Cupcake Royale location is that the space it will be occupying is actually a former IHOP. "One of America's original IHOP locations," actually, according to press materials--one from back in the days before the company abandoned the kitschy A-frame construction and obsessive love of wood paneling. Unlike some of the more modern looking Cupcake Royale locations scattered across the city, this newest one will be more rustic, humble and community-oriented with an outdoor garden, rummaged furnishings and a long picnic table for communal seating. The best (and strangest) thing, though? In addition to making use of "relics" of the old IHOP found during demo and construction on the space, owner Jody Hall and designer/neighbor/regular customer Roy McMakin decided to make use of the original IHOP open kitchen, allowing customers to see all the magical elves dedicated bakers and frosters doing their work.

This fifth location for Cupcake Royale will officially open for business at the end of September, at which point the Mobile Party Cart will roll out and be used for events and catering. But until then, it'll be out front of the new shop in Bellevue daily from 11am until 6pm (or until they run out of cupcakes). So if you're looking for a fix now and just can't wait, you know what to do.

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