Chef Tim Love On Why NOT to be a Vegetarian (Plus a Few Thoughts of My Own)

CNN's food blog, Eatocracy fans the flames this week with another one of their "5@5" interviews, this time bringing on chef Tim Love of Texas (chef and owner of the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Fort Worth and the two-location burger empire Love Shack) to talk about why eating meat is awesome and being a vegetarian is not. Some of his more pointed answers:

"Because meat tastes better than vegetables. Period."

"I mean, really, which would you rather have - a grilled Texas ribeye, or a piece of squash? Which just made your mouth water?" (For a graphic example, just see the picture above. Then think of the best piece of squash you've ever tasted. 'Nuff said.)

"Because when you walk into a steakhouse, you never hear anyone say 'wow, doesn't that creamed spinach smell great?' Unless, of course, the spinach is made with bacon."

You can read the full 5@5 interview here. Or...

Or you can click through the jump and check out a few more reasons why eating meat is better than not eating meat that struck me while reading Love's responses.

Reasons why meat is better than vegetables:

1) Barbecue is made out of meat, and to live a life without barbecue is not really living.

2) These days, eating meat has become something of a political position and doing so puts you on the side of the sensualists, the rebels and the bloody-lipped masses who refuse to be cowed into submission by the shrill, nagging voices of the Fun Police.

3) Prosciutto, even more than bacon, may be one of the most delicious things ever invented by man, and to deny one's self the pleasures of a craft refined over thousands of years is to lose touch with a vital human link between the present and the past.

4) Bacon is pretty awesome, too.

5) Here's a fun experiment: go out and buy some bacon. I mean, a lot of bacon. Now cook the bacon and eat the bacon until you reach a point where you finally feel as though you've had enough bacon. Wait a day. Now try the same game with broccoli.

6) I would drive across town for a vegetable dish I really liked. I would (and have) driven across the country for a cheeseburger I was particularly fond of.

7) Meat is good for you. It also tastes good. And even those who may fight me on point one, can't rationally argue with point two. When they try, I just sit there, calmly eating my pork chops until they go mad with hunger and jealousy.

8) The phrase "Everything's Better With Bacon," while a logical fallacy, is still more true than the phrase "Everything's Better With Turnips." It also looks better on a t-shirt.

9) Almost every part of a pig or cow is edible, and I have eaten most parts of each of them. On the other hand, the only part of a celery stalk that's edible is none of it, so therefore growing and serving celery is just wasteful. Unless, of course, pigs and cows really like to eat celery. If so, I cede this point to the vegetarians.

10) For reasons I don't understand, vegetarianism tends to foster a missionary zeal among those who practice it, causing people to go out of their way to talk (endlessly) about things like their diet, bowel movements, protein intake and many cats. Omnivores rarely feel the need to talk quite so much about what they eat and why. Unless, of course, they're food writers. And most of them should just be punched in the mouth.

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