Celebrity Chef Tour Hits Seattle

Remember that guy? That's Richard Blais, the fella who almost won Top Chef back during the last season that I actually cared enough to watch (season 4), and the man who brought liquid nitrogen, cold-smoking guns (and the combination of a chef's jacket and a faux-hawk) into most American living rooms for the very first time.

And do you know where he's gonna be two weeks from now?

He's gonna be right here in Seattle, doing a Celebrity Chef Tour dinner to benefit the James Beard Foundation and working alongside a couple of locals: James Hassel, executive chef at the Columbia Tower Club (where the event is being held) and Brian Sheehser, exec and owner of Trellis in Kirkland.

On October 8, these three will be coming together to cook one dinner at the Columbia Tower Club for those willing to shell out the $150 ticket price.

But wait, says you. $150 is kind of steep for a single dinner. What, exactly, does that buck-fifty buy?

Well I can tell you. First, it gets you dinner--passed hors d'ouevres and bubbly wine, followed by a proper sit-down feed. It gets you paired wines to go with dinner. And, most important, it buys you (according to Celebrity Chef Tour), "an opportunity to mingle with all of the culinary talent. After dinner, guests will have the opportunity to meet the chefs, ask questions and get a true behind the scenes glimpse at the culinary world."

So if you've got a serious culinary hard-on for ex-Top Chef contestants, really love rubbing up against white jackets (or just feel like having a good meal for a charitable cause), this might be your kind of thing. Tickets are available through the Celebrity Chef Tour website, and more information about the event and the organization can be found right here.

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