Dodging Construction For a Quick Breakfast at Delite Bakery

Photos by Matthew Piel
The Stop: Beacon Hill

The Vibe: "Um, can I walk here?"

The street behind the Red Apple across from the Beacon Hill station was a chaos of people in hard-hats, torn up asphalt, massive trucks, and forbidding fences. It didn't bode well for getting much needed coffee and breakfast before continuing on the light rail line to catch a plane at Seatac.

But back behind the heavy machinery we caught glimpses of wedding cakes and started to salivate.

The Café: The cakes were enough to make us walk around the Red Apple to get at Delite Bakery (2701 15th Ave. S., 325-2114) from another direction. Walking into the door we found not only the cakes but a case filled with acres of donuts, the biggest danishes I have ever seen, and an assortment of Filipino baked goods.

According to the woman behind the counter, the construction had been blocking the door for weeks. "Did you park in our lot?" she asked. "They're closing the street completely soon."

But the street hazards didn't seem to hamper a steady stream of customers from coming into the small shop for everything from boxes of donuts to a morning snack. The bakery also provides the bread for the Asian/Pacific Island-themed food truck Marination Mobile.

My dining car companion and I were in a bit of a hurry ourselves, headed for Seatac and a flight to St. Louis.

Looking for a mix of savory and sweet, we ordered one of the enormous ham and cheese croissants, a hulking cherry strudel and two coffees. The dough isn't the kind of flaky crust one

expects from traditional European pastries. It's softer and sweet. But that only makes Delite's pastries different, not unsatisfying. And their enormous size guarantees you won't go hungry on a journey to Missouri even though United has apparently stopped having even tiny bags of damp crackers on its flights.

That said, while we were finishing up, someone came out of the back with a tray of small pizzas made on that same croissant dough. "They're still warm," he tempted us.

Despite being full up, we seriously considered adding another item to our breakfast.

But there wasn't time. We finished our breakfast, admired the icing on the wedding cakes that first drew us in, and then navigated our way back around the construction to get back on the rail.

Breakfast of champions.
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