The goal of Belly Laugh is to eat healthy while on the road performing stand-up comedy. However, there have been many moments where my eyes


"Who Shot JR?" and Other Outdated Cliffhangers

The goal of Belly Laugh is to eat healthy while on the road performing stand-up comedy. However, there have been many moments where my eyes have been bigger than my stomach and junk food has won...delicious, delicious junk food. After hopping on the scale and seeing a blaring 155 lbs.winking back at me, I decided I really needed to step it up, as I'm 5'1" and that's not a good weight for me. With a teetering cholesterol issue and the desire to button up a large shirt without the fabric puckering, I have come up with a new plan to kick Belly Laugh into full gear.

Delicious, delicious fake meat general chicken at Tasters Wok in Lynnwood
Today is my first day of Weight Watchers. One thing I've learned about Weight Watchers is that they are very intolerant of delicious food. Why can't a slice of pizza be four points total? Why do we need to add points for toppings... isn't it really all one dish anyway? With every delicious addition to my bland cheese slice a little part of me dies with the need to walk to earn points for pepperoni. I wish I could buy Weight Watcher points on eBay, like frequent flyer miles.

This month will be full of yoga classes, pilates, and all things involving mats! My goal is to exercise at a minimum of three times a week. Based on the scale from Weight Watchers, a healthy weight for a 5'1", adorable lady is around the 132-lb. mark (at the heaviest). This means I have a road of hell waiting for me.

Last Friday was the monthly, "Who Shot JR?" showcase held at the Gypsy Café in Fremont. The show is hosted and booked by local comedian JR Berard. I was the feature comic and went up after about an hour and a half of other comics, which created a sleepy, but surprisingly interested, audience.

Gypsy Cafe's BLT with MorningStar Bacon, a peppery treat.
While at the Gypsy Café, I ate a very peppery BLT of the veggie variety. The BLT was made with MorningStar bacon, and had a fairly large amount of pepper added, which made the "bacon" taste more like pastrami. My sandwich was served with a side of potato salad, which gave the meal a picnic vibe. One of the Gypsy's best features is their beer selection, with choices ranging from forties to microbrews. The Gypsy also serves authentic cans of Hamm's beer... from the land of sky blue waters (waters).

"Who Shot JR?" is one of my favorite shows, as it's always well attended and often times there is only room to stand in the back. The audience is smart, hip, and game for friendly banter. One of the best and most awkward moments of the night was when local comedian Daryl George, dressed in a skin-tight green body suit, approached the stage telling the audience how they were racist against green people. I found the set to be literally ballsy since a green leotard suit doesn't leave too much to the imagination.

This weekend was a little rocky, as I missed a gig due to a flat tire south of Mount Vernon (my birthplace and sadly the hometown of Glenn Beck). I forgot how incredibly friendly people are in small towns. As we attempted to change the tire two police officers came by to assist, as well as a former truck driver in a Prius with the CB handle of "Looney Tunes." The officer said we couldn't exceed 55 MPH on the spare, which made for a slow journey home on the back roads.

The money shot: Tasters Wok's Honey Walnut Prawns
We ended the night with several comics in an old comedy venue, Tasters Wok in Lynnwood off Highway 99. The restaurant was filled with regulars waiting for karaoke to start. The bar was surprisingly decorated with a luau theme, with a bonus tiki piñata. The environment was a little surreal for an Asian restaurant, as the lounge had a sign advertising quesadillas.

As a last hurrah before I embarked on a full blown diet shift, we splurged on a variety of appetizers and entrees. Our meal included appetizers such as lumpia, pork eggrolls and gyoza. It was a good thing I hadn't joined Weight Watchers, because the lumpia was definitely a point killer, with each piece being about 4.5 points! The lumpia is made of fried egg roll skin, cream cheese, bacon, jalapenos, smoked salmon and onion in the shape and size of a regular number-two pencil. It is absolutely delicious and hard to share with friends. I snagged about four of the six pieces we were served.

The entrees included pad thai, honey walnut prawns, and their specialty dish, General's chicken with fake meat. The wheat-based fake meat was incredible and could have passed for real chicken. The batter was thick and crunchy with a spicy, tangy glaze that puckered the lips, curing both my sweet tooth and desire for spice. The meal was a fantastic farewell to my weak-willed attempt at weight loss, and a horrible start to my new journey toward a healthier Seaman.

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