Twilight the Bar Predated Twilight the Movie. Trust Us.

The dirt-cheap Manny's and gyros make it worth walking through the office door.
The Place:Twilight Martini Lounge, 2125 Western Ave.

The Hours: 4-9 p.m., every weekday.

The Deal: This being a martini lounge, you can get all sorts of tasty, fancy martinis for $5. But there's also an attraction for straight men: $5 pitchers of Manny's and a $1.95 "mini gyro" plate. The gyros are bigger than mini, and you get two of them for that price. Order two plates, and you've got a full gyro dinner for under $4. As for the pitchers, you couldn't get Manny's on draft for that price at a homeless shelter, if homeless shelters actually served beer.

The Digs: Suburban office foyer meets pre-funk spot for Venom. In other words, moribund. For a place that's evidently trying to emit a clubby vibe, there are long periods of time where no music is played at all. Upon requesting Peter Cetera's Greatest Hits, we were informed that the bar had one mixed CD on hand to play, and it had just expired. There are couches and ottomans, and from about 6-8, they were occupied by a group of ragin' Asians (Thirstday night--wahoo!). One guy was so hammered that he kept falling off his ottoman and laying on the floor. The bartender didn't seem to give a shit, and neither did we.

The Verdict: The deals and quality of food and drink? Stellar. The atmosphere? Lame. In this day and age, "deal" should trump ambiance, so make haste.

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