The Videos: Kim Kardashian Will Toss Your Salad For Money

Alright, who dropped the hundy on the sidewalk?
We make a lot of good use of the "food porn" label here at Voracious World HQ, endeavoring to fix you up at least once a week with everything from hardcore burger porn to artsy New American softcore and even straight girl-on-veggie vegan action. We are absolutely shameless when it comes to showing pictures of the things that we put in our mouths for money, but apparently we are total lightweights when compared to, say, the marketing geniuses at Carl's Jr.

These are the kind of guys that have SEX SELLS tattooed across their knuckles, shameless food world pornographers who'll do anything to move a few more units. And while it might be a dead cinch to combine cheeseburgers and hot girls in a single television campaign (the kind of thing they teach in Fast Food Ad Guy 101 down at the Learning Annex), now, the Carl's Jr. marketing division has figured a way to use tits and (arguable) celebrity to sell salad.

No, really. Salad. We're talking about putting boobs, silk sheets, a bubble bath, Kim Kardashian with dressing dripping out of her mouth, and a cranberry apple walnut chicken salad together in the same room and just waiting for the magic to happen. Click through the jump and see what came of it.

Nice, right?

Absent any discussions of how much KK got paid to fellate that salad, if I were a betting man (which I am), I'd guess that the Carl's Jr. website is getting a ton of traffic right now. That the YouTube video of this commercial will bring in a billion hits, and that Carl's Jr. will get a lot of digital ink and free replays of their commercial online. But as for moving any more salads? Dude, it's a Carl's Jr. I don't care who's getting all porny with the apple slices, I ain't eating a salad from a fucking Carl's Jr.

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