Two Weeks Left in Seattle Weekly Homebrew Competition

Craft brewers may be taking a hit with November privatization measures expected to gouge small business owners, but now even the amateur artisan has a shot at the big leagues. Seattle Weekly is accepting entries for the finest homebrew through August 15th at any of three locations: Mountain Homebrew in Kirkland, 99 Bottles in Federal Way and the Cellar Homebrew in Greenwood. Contestants must submit three 10 ounce or larger bottles with recipes attached, and a $15 check made out to Seattle Weekly. Entries may not be brewed in commercial facilities.

Last year Best in Show went to Brian McDonald and Sephren Barrow. Their mild brown ale was both innovative and pleasantly flavorful. This year's award ceremony will be held on October 23rd at Brouwer's Café, where the winning concoction will stay on tap for a month. The victor will also receive four kegs of his/her/their beer brewed by Big Al Brewing, which started as a homebrew operation before moving into the former Pacific Rim space in White Center.

Visit for more information. Ready, set, brew!

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