Staple & Fancy: Just the Facts


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As reported earlier today , Ethan Stowell's newest restaurant, Staple & Fancy , is scheduled to open the doors on Sunday to


Staple & Fancy: Just the Facts

  • Staple & Fancy: Just the Facts

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    As reported earlier today, Ethan Stowell's newest restaurant, Staple & Fancy, is scheduled to open the doors on Sunday to crowds that have been near breathless with anticipation.

    In honor of said breathlessness, we decided that, without any actual food to write about yet, we'd run down those things about Staple & Fancy that we know for sure. A bit of pre-game scouting, as it were. Just to put everyone in the proper kind of mood.

    So here's what we know right now:

    That name? Yeah, there's a story behind that

    Staple & Fancy is going into the newly refurbished Kolstrand Building at 4739 Ballard Avenue NW. For 80 years, the space that the restaurant will shortly inhabit was home to a marine supply company--the Kolstrand Marine Supply Company, as a matter of fact. And while that might not be the most elegant kind of tenant, it was very Ballard.

    But what Stowell discovered while doing demo on the space was that Kolstrand Marine Supply was apparently not the first tenant here. Upstairs on the second floor, while taking down a wall, contractors found a hand-painted sign for a local mercantile operation (called L. Karn or something like it) that offered both "Staple & Fancy" goods for sale. Stowell liked the way that sounded, and so a restaurant was named.

    But it looks so small...

    Yes, it's a pretty small space. The main floor will seat 35, with room for another 8 at the bar.

    Didn't I hear that Stowell will be cooking?

    You did. At least during the start-up, Stowell says he'll be on the line at S&F five or six night a week, turning and burning right along with his crew. When he's not there, the kitchen will be bossed by chef de cuisine Elwood Thompson, whose been with Stowell for four years already, and Thompson will be backed up by sous Brandon Karow.

    And what about the food?

    Italian. And then some. There'll be an a la carte menu that'll change daily, and then an off-menu four-course chef's choice tasting menu (which is supposed to go for something like $40, but that seems awfully cheap to me). For an excellent primer on what Stowell has in mind for Staple & Fancy's galley, check out this piece by former Seattle Weekly scribe Roger Downey, writing yesterday on We're talking handmade pasta, veal, simple grilled fish. I got hungry just reading the thing.

    Okay, now just give us the basics

    Staple & Fancy is scheduled to run its first service on Sunday, August 15. After that, it'll be open for dinner only, seven nights a week, from 5pm-11pm. And anything else you need (phone numbers, reservation info, etc.) can be found right here, on Staple & Fancy's not-yet-totally-live website.

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