Secrets of the Himalayas Found in Ravenna

The Duke of Hazzard
Ravenna residents needn't travel far to reach the Himalayas.
There's no shortage of restaurants in Ravenna. On the few blocks of NE 65th St between 20th and 25th Avenues, there's an onslaught of places to eat, catered to the tastes of the community of young families that populate the north Seattle neighborhood.

On one end, you have Vios Cafe at Third Place Books and the Varsity Inn, a breakfast staple for the college freshman and retiree alike. They have comforts foods that don't require an adventurous palette or the residency of the sparkling new buildings that have come to redefine the neighborhood over the last five years. Then there's something you wouldn't quite expect.

Nestled between a carpet store and a yoga studio in one of the older complexes in the neighborhood is The Himalayan Kitchen. It's easy to miss this Indian restaurant if you were just driving by. However, skipping over The Himalayan Kitchen would be a crime for anyone who claims to be a lover of Indian food.

They serve up some of the most authentic Indian food the city has to offer, and a lot of it. They have your standard dishes like butter and tandori chicken and about every type of curry you could imagine. Along with their Indian cuisine, The Himalayan Kitchen serves a wide variety of Tibetan, Nepali and Bhutanese food like the phing sha ($9.00), a curry dish with potato, vermacelli and mushrooms with your choice of beef or chicken piled high on a mountain of rice. Seriously, they give you so much food it's hard to consume the entire dish in one sitting.

With the monster portions they serve, it's easy to find yourself sitting in The Himalayan Kitchen for a few hours picking away at your dish, which is totally fine. The restaurant is occupied mainly by families with kids darting between tables and fighting over the free lollipops, which gives the place a lively ambience. Servers treat you like family, telling you to save your rice pudding for last. Also, the background music was something lifted from the soundtrack of a spaghetti western, which is bad-ass. I mean, who wouldn't want to feel like the High Plains Drifter munching on curry?

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