Men's Room Red Tastes Better Than It Sounds

Don't worry: This dude's dong is no tap.
Men's Room Red sounds like something you'd siphon from some guy's nozzle while he's suffering from a vicious UTI. Thankfully, that ain't what it is; rather, it's a delicious amber ale produced by Elysian Brewing. what's with the name?

Turns out the beer is named after a talk-radio show, KISW's Men's Room, that today was named the city's best by you, the Seattle Weekly's readership, in our annual Best of Seattle Reader Poll. Having appeared on this show to discuss both my dive bar book and the Soft Rock Cafe, I can say that the Men's Room hosts are among the sharpest and funniest I've ever encountered, in spite of whatever whiff of misogyny their name might emit. They also love to drink.

Hence, the beer, which Elysian agreed to start producing last fall, and which is now featured on an assload of taps from Lake McMurray to Lake Tapps. But here's the really cool part: a portion of the proceeds goes to Fisher House, a foundation which builds homes for military families to stay at while their recently-injured veteran loved ones are recovering at nearby hospitals.

Drinking should be for a good cause, shouldn't it?

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