Liquor Privatization Initiatives Would Screw Craft Brewers, Say Craft Brewers

Whyd'yawanna fuck Full Sail, eh?
Over at the Daily Weekly, Rick Anderson reveals that one group--craft brewers--you might expect to be all for the privatization of the state's liquor apparatus is actually dead set against Initiatives 1100 and 1105, which Anderson adroitly parsed in this week's cover story.

Writes Anderson: "I-1100, for example, is actively promoted as a modernizing of liquor laws, [Washington Brewers Guild president Heather McClung] says, when it's actually a sweeping proposal that repeals 39 state laws, enabling the biggest retailers, distributors, and producers to own and give favorable pricing to each other. That, says McClung, of Seattle's Schooner Exact Brewing Company, would eliminate the level playing field that small breweries such as hers need if they are to prosper."

McClung adds that "I-1100 deregulates the entire alcohol industry, not just spirits." She hopes that the public and media will "realize the effects of this proposal reach much farther than being able to purchase a bottle of Jack at a local convenience store."

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