Late-Breaking Friday Food Freak-Out

It's been a few weeks since we've had one of these (which is good news), but today, we break the streak (which is bad).

On Wednesday, the FDA posted this information: A recall of Goya brand mamey pulp sold all up and down the West Coast, the Southwest and in Washington State. The recall linked here? It's for "a potential health risk from Salmonella." But as of Wednesday, they said, "no illnesses have been reported to date in connection with Goya brand Mamey Pulp."

Then there's today, and news just breaking that Goya mamey pulp (a tropical fruit used mostly to make shakes and smoothies) is being double recalled because of...


Yeah, I know. There have already been four confirmed cases in Nevada and three in California linked to the product and the CDC is saying that if you've got this stuff in your freezer, just throw it the hell out. Immediately.

Typhoid fever is actually caused by a particular strain of the salmonella bacteria (called salmonella typhi), so the two versions of the recall are not completely a surprise. But long story short, here? Dump this stuff if you've got any in the house.

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