Is Marination Mobile America's Favorite Food Truck?

Best. Truck. Ever. (Maybe...)
It won a Best of Seattle award this year. And another one in 2009. I tagged its kalbi tacos as one of Seattle's Essential Dishes a couple months ago, and according to Good Morning America viewers, it is already the best food cart in America. And now it looks like it has a shot at being crowned "America's Favorite Food Truck" by the Food Network.

Who we talkin' about? Marination Mobile, of course--the kitchen-in-a-panel-van that everyone loves to love, Seattle's own freaked-up and highly mobile SPAM delivery vehicle and Latino-Korean taco truck.

And when I say that it has a chance at being named "America's Favorite Food Truck" by the Food Network, what I mean is, you, the people of Seattle (and fans in far-flung places) have a chance to vote it into the number one position in a national poll of food trucks, and thereby secure for Marination $10,000 (half of which will be going charity) and the opportunity to be featured on season 2 of the Food Network show "The Great Food Truck Race."

So how does this work? Let me explain...

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Check out the national leaderboard to see how Marination is ranking among places like the Portland Soup Company, Food Shark out of Marfa, Texas, Big Truck Tacos from Oklahoma City or Dim and Den Some in Cleveland.

Step 4) Vote for Marination (or one of your other favorite trucks) right there on the site.

Step 5) Repeat.

Now it isn't just Marination Mobile that's in contention for the big prize. Locally, there's also Maximus Minimus (which brought home a Best of Seattle award of its own this year), Hallava Falafel, Molly Moon's, Skillet Street Food (also almost universally beloved here), El Camion and Buns. The reason why I'm jumping so hard on the Marination bandwagon? Two reasons. One, I love the place. Two, the last time I checked, it stood at #5 nationally--the only local operation in the top 10.

But hey, I'm just one guy. If you love one of these other trucks, by all means, show 'em a little digital love. Just click through the link above, pick your favorite and vote away. Matter of fact, vote a lot. The contest will be running through September 10, and Food Network (not exactly a model of democratic restraint) is allowing each person who comes to the site to vote 10 times per day.

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