Guinness and Pabst are Created Equal--at Safeco Field, Anyway

"God, are you kidding? I'd never give Pabst a free lap dance. But I'd clearly fuck Buddy Holly."
We'll apologize up front for this week's obsession with Safeco Field's concession fare. But we were just there for an afternoon hooky game, and man were we blown away when we saw the prices at the Section 335 (or thereabouts) beer window.

What used to be a limited selection of tallboys is now quite diverse, ranging from Pabst to Guinness. The price of the Pabst tallboys: $7.75. The price of the Guinness tallboys: $7.75. That's democracy at its finest--or worst, depending on how you want to look at it (all ballpark deals are inherently bad, so everything's relative, by the by).

But taking the pint half-full perspective, which do you think is the bigger seller of the two beers? If you guessed Guinness, you'd be wrong. Chalk one up for hipster Mariner fans.

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