Sage Cafe's reuben, vegan through and through
Sometimes it seems like we here at Voracious World Headquarters get off on these weird jags where all


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Return of the Vegans

Sage Cafe's reuben, vegan through and through
Sometimes it seems like we here at Voracious World Headquarters get off on these weird jags where all of our brains (and appetites) are jamming on the same starving frequency. Some weeks it's barbecue that strikes our collective fancy. Or ice cream. Or strange sandwiches.

This week, though, it was vegan and vegetarian food. And while I'd love to say that this was all deliberate--that we sat down bright and early on Monday morning for a spirited staff meeting where we all decided that we'd spend our weeks hunting down all the news we could about veggie-head cuisine--that's just simply not the truth. Most of us work in relative isolation most of the time, just following our noses wherever they may lead. This week? A lot of us got led towards sprouts and tofu. It's just strange the way these things work out sometimes.

Still, it wasn't all about the vegetables this week. I mean, we started off Monday with a visit to The Himalayan Kitchen in Ravenna. We had a hot chocolate face-off between Chocopolis and Chocolati (because while yes, hot chocolate probably isn't the first thing on your mind with temps in the 90's, eventually it's going to go all gray and gloomy again here), and talked about happy hour at The Signature. But then there was the news of a wheat, gluten and dairy-free organic bakery opening in Greenlake (which isn't quite vegan, but gets close) and Angela Garbes talking about all the wonderful salads she was able to make out of her CSA boxes this summer (and how she liked to top them all with beef).

Coming right in the middle of all this was a good news/bad news kind of two-fer. On the one hand, there was the announcement that long-time restaurant critic and food writer Roger Porter had been canned from The Oregonian because The Oregonian has decided to give up its valuable food section real estate to reviews of suburban chain restaurants. At least according to Roger Porter. But on the other, we got word that (nearly) native son, super-famous celebrity chef and former Space Needle grillman (no lie) Michael Mina was going to be opening a new restaurant in Seattle.

It's not going to be a vegan restaurant, though.

But you know what is? Moonlight Cafe. Kinda. The place runs with two menus: both Vietnamese/Chinese hybrids, but one vegan and one meat-tastic. Surly weighed in on both, eating egg rolls and Vegan General Tso's and talking about aliens and Saved By The Bell, too.

Grillaxin' had an interview with the dancing crumpet maker, Israel Berube, from the Crumpet Shop. In another weird bit of great and crazy minds thinking alike, the Seattle Food Geek also wrote about General Tso's chicken this week--though he was making his into a pot pie using lasers and foam and dark matter or something. And after that, it was nothing but angry vegans, gluten-free Mariners fans, and the most awesome surveillance video of the week, showing some woman completely losing her shit when she wasn't able to drunkenly score some McNuggets from a McDonald's drive-thru.

At 6am.

On New Year's Day.

Who would eat you, little puppy? According to some of my readers, I would.
On Wednesday we were back again, talking tofu, fresh from the Press at Northwest Tofu. Julien Perry showed us her tots with a list of the five best tater tot dishes in town. True to form, Surly hit Spring Hill for their new happy hour and, magically, managed to fold in conversations about Beethoven, Napoleon, Victorian haberdashery, mutants and Michael Pollan (though not necessarily in that order). And, after weeks of back-and-forth bickering on the blog, I finally settled the whole question of whether or not there is any such thing as vegan barbecue once and for all with a trip to (and review of) Sage Cafe in Capitol Hill where I ate nothing but vegan food for, like, three straight dinners.

And lived to tell about it.

(Actually, I really liked it.)

You're not even looking at the beer, are you?
But enough with the vegetables. We know what you want. You want boobs and beer, right? Done.

What's that you say? You'd prefer a story about an alternate universe where fucking Bobby Flay can actually help your career? We've got you covered.

How 'bout a weirdly sexualized ode to Chinese dumplings?

Four reasons why everyone at the farmers market hates you?

Fried cheese news from the Denny's R&D labs?

Don't worry, baby. We are THERE for you. We can even tell you everything you need to know about the opening of Ethan Stowell's new restaurant, Staple & Fancy (most importantly, where he got that name from), where to score half-price BBQ, chocolate made from mushrooms, or where to find a bunch of (no doubt charming, kind and erudite) young ladies wrestling in a big tub of lube on Saturday night.

Because we are full service, that's why--speaking to both the high-tone foodista and the grubby perv in everyone.

You're welcome. And we'll see you all again on Monday.

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