Friedman's Sexy Feast, Onstot's Cafe Car Set to Rail Voracious

A master of sexual subtlety, Friedman will rarely write about such obviously phallic foods as this potato..
Two Fridays ago, staff writer Laura Onstot began writing a weekly (every Friday) column called Cafe Car, described thusly by a writer who fitting goes by the nickname L-Train:

"Most of us board the light rail downtown after work or on our way to the airport and bury our heads in books and iPods until our destination. But look out the window and you'll discover that the thirty-minute stretch of train tracks is one of the most economically and culturally diverse in the city--at least if the restaurants surrounding each station are any indication. So we here at Voracious decided to start riding to random stops, where we will wander around until something strikes our culinary fancy, treating the light rail as our own, personal cafe car."

Random? Bury our heads? Personal? Rail? Sounds like sex.

Enter Jay Friedman, whose Sexy Feast column will begin gracing Voracious' pages every Thursday beginning tomorrow.

"In Sexy Feast, I'll go out each week to an area restaurant, find something sexy to eat, and report back with a lesson in love," says Friedman. "The dish itself might be sexy, or, even better, teach us something about sex and relationships."

And just why is Friedman qualified to write such a column? "In addition to years of freelance food writing (with a big case of Gastrolust), I'm a professional sex educator, certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (a fancy way of saying I'm legit). After seven years with Planned Parenthood, I've been touring the college lecture circuit full time since 1992, delivering my insights and outbursts on love, sex and dating to students around the country and beyond. And now I'm here to share some tender morsels with you."

You'd be a fool not to partake.

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