Friday Food Porn: Tofu Is Sexy(ish)

Photo courtesy Peter Mumford

Tofu, seitan, texturized vegetable protein, soy loaf... None of these generally make the list of really "sexy" foods. They don't usually get the kind of glossy, centerfold play that, say, a big fat cheeseburger would, or a thick steak, or a beautifully prepared scallop dressed with a money shot of beurre noisette. They even get lapped by the simple and spartan snaps of a tray of oysters over crushed ice because, for a large part of the eating public, tofu and seitan and all the rest exist only as a stand-in for other, more picaresque foods--the culinary equivalent of not being able to get Scarlett Johansson for your photo shoot, so opting for some woman who looks kinda like her instead.

Photo courtesy Peter Mumford
But as you can see from the pictures here, this doesn't have to be the case. When handled well, prepared with care and shot without bias, tofu can be sexy. And after eating at, liking and ultimately reviewing Sage Cafe for this week's food section, I sent photographer Peter Mumford down to the little 15th Avenue storefront to prove exactly that.

The shots he came back with were excellent. And the slideshow we made of them? It's just as mouthwatering as anything we've done with the animal protein left fully intact.

You can check out the full review of Sage Cafe online or on the stands right now. And if you're looking for a bit of seitan-ic love, dig the snaps Peter brought back right here.

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