Friday Food Porn: Gorgeous on Film

Photo courtesy Steven Miller

"Every restaurant that generates word-of-mouth buzz and survives past that first tumultuous year (owner and chef George Rashed currently has three years and change in the rearview) has to have a hook--some unique plate, drink, chef, or interesting bit of bathroom graffiti--that will allow people to talk about it in the plain, specific language of the forever starving. At George's, the can't-miss suggestion, the one everyone mentions, is the chicken. And the mentioning goes something like this: "If you've got five minutes to live and George's is where you're at, order the chicken and spend four minutes making your peace with God. It's that good."

That's from this week's review of Gorgeous George's Mediterranean Kitchen. And you know what else we've got from George's this week? Another slideshow to go along with all those words.

Photo courtesy Steven Miller
This week's snaps were done by Steven Miller, who followed in my footsteps at George's and shot some truly lovely pictures of the food being done by this tiny kitchen and served in this crowded dining room. It's all about the dolmas here, the falafel topped with garlic sauce. The beautiful roasted chicken and hummus and long tables groaning under the weight of plates and platters and dishes all being walked through the room by owner George Rashed himself.

I loved this place, was so glad that I'd found it when I did. And this week's snaps really give a sense of what a dinner here can be like.

As always, though, the only thing better than reading about a place and looking at pictures of all that lovely food, is to go and eat there yourself. So if you're thinking about making plans for dinner this weekend, remember these two things:

1) Go early.

2) Order the hummus with lamb. Everyone will tell you that George's chicken is the best thing on the menu here, but they're wrong. The chicken is only the second-best thing. It's the hummus with meat that really steals the show.

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