Cupcakes on the Eastside

The (rather convoluted) call for applications went up on the Cupcake Royale blog (called "Legalize Frostitution") this morning. It started with a quiz/trivia contest, then branched out into the announcement that the local cupcake juggernaut (which won a Best of Seattle award this year for "Best Cupcake To Eat With Jameson"--a very important category) was going to be expanding into Bellevue and was looking for a crew to staff the new location.

Looking for a new gig? Details after the jump.

According to the Cupcake Royale blog, if you "love the art of great coffee and delicious cupcakes, we'd like to hear from you for the positions of Cupcake Bakers, Baristas, Frosters. We are looking for baristas who have a passion for hand crafted artisan coffee. And bakers and frosters who enjoy baking cake from scratch with local ingredients in large batches with high quality and productivity standards." Interested applicants can get all the rest of the information they need (including contact information) by reading the full blog post here.

One thing that's not mentioned at all, though? Any information about an actual location or an opening date. So I put in a call to Kim Malek (who's handling the PR on this for Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall) and asked her straight out: when and where.

She was...less than forthcoming, explaining that they were going to be making a formal announcement sometime soon, but that the early hint was just a little tease for the fans and a way to staff up the new shop.

Still, I did get a couple bits of information out of her. As to the location, though she wouldn't give me any specifics (like, you know, an address), she did say that Hall's philosophy has always been to "focus on neighborhood stores," and that this new shop would "stay on that path." And as for a date?

"Less than six months," she told me, but probably more than just one month. "We're hiring people right now," she continued, and though they'll need a little time to train them, one would presume that Cupcake Royale wouldn't want to just have a bunch of new hires sitting around doing nothing...

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