Apologies to Best of Seattle Shoulda-Been Winner Blazing Bagels

In the print edition of our annual issue listing the greatest of everything this city has to offer, I gave Little Rae's Bakery the nod for "Best Pizza Bagel." Unfortunately, Little Rae's doesn't actually make any bagels.

The mix-up occurred when I called up a local coffee shop to ask who made their delicious pizza bagels and was given Little Rae's name. "Baristas, they know to call us," explains Little Rae's president James Morse. But his bakery is only the distributor. The bagel is created by a Redmond-based company called Blazing Bagels.

Blazing Bagel's general manager Karen Priszner wasn't angry about the mixup. "We're thrilled that our pizza bagels are best pizza bagels," she said by phone.

But we apologize that the company isn't getting all the credit it's due. We corrected the write-up online and both Blazing Bagels and Little Rae's will receive Best Of awards. The former for making the awesome bagels; the latter for getting them out to our favorite coffee shops and into our mouths for breakfast.

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