Seattle's Top 5 Gussied-Up Junk Foods

Perhaps it's a little like putting a dress on a pig, but it's clear some of our local chefs are having a good time finding new ways to tantalize us with popular junk foods we take comfort in eating. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite classed-up snacks that elicit memories of carnivals, lunchbox treats and ballgames. And yes, they are completely bad for us (but we're not complaining). In no particular order, these are our Top 5 upscale junk foods that we'd be more than willing to ditch our diet for.

Wagyu beef classes up the joint.
5. Pretzel Dogs, BOKA

1010 1st Ave., 357-9000

BOKA, the ultra-modern mecca inside Hotel 1000, serves these $3 house made mini pretzel dogs during happy hour (4 per order). The soft and salty pretzel dough is stuffed with Wagyu beef, finished with fleur de sel and served with a smear of grain mustard.

4. The Bluffernutter, Homegrown

3416 Fremont Ave. N., 453-5232

The Bluffernutter ($6) is exactly what you'd hope it would be: Zoe's bacon, homemade marshmallow fluff, and crunchy peanut butter served on thick, griddled Pullman bread. Remember those fluffernutters you had as a kid? This is about 10 times better.

Behold the Unicorn dog.
3. Corn dog, Unicorn

1118 E. Pike St., 325-6492

We could have based our entire Top 5 list on Unicorn's menu which consists of elephant ears, corned beef Big Macs, and other childhood culinary fantasies. Ultimately, it's the corn dogs that this Capitol Hill hipster bar is known for most. The dogs are split down the middle and stuffed with all sorts of goodies, like grilled onions, cream cheese, refried beans and egg. Don't bother picking up the stick. You'll need to pick up a knife and fork to eat this behemoth.

This is a Ding Dong, which is not dead.
2. Ding Dong, Table 219

219 Broadway Ave. E., 328-4604

Who can resist a Hostess snack reworked to be even better than the original? This Ding Dong ($6) at Table 219 is filled with white chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate glaze, and topped with a coconut tuile. It brings back memories of not only Ding Dongs, but eclairs, Boston cream pies and anything else that is covered in chocolate and filled with vanilla custard.

These fries "magically" puff up, after you follow the many, many steps.
1. French fries, LUC

2800 E. Madison St., 328-6645

When we say French fries, we mean the best fries you've had this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The soufflé frites at LUC are basically super-puffed French fries served with harissa aioli. A basket of these potato crisps are $7.50 for a reason. As chef Thierry Rautureau tells us, "The potato soufflé takes three frying baths. First, it needs to be peeled in a certain way, then sliced a certain thickness, followed by poaching in a lower temperature frying. They're then cooked until they start puffing and dropped in a mid-hot fryer. Once they are all completely puffed, they're removed and set on a sheet pan." When they're ready to be served, they're dropped in a hot fryer so they puff again, and served hot with dipping sauce. Voila!

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