Sweet Freak: Attack of the Giant Gummy Bears

"I will stomp you."
This week, while strolling through Pike Place Market, I visited a candy store I had never been to before. Like many of you, I've walked past Sweetie's Candy dozens of times -- glancing in, watching people sample candy -- but never stopped in.

Sweetie's is a tiny closet of a store and sells everything from bulk candy to jelly beans to gum. There's really nothing too exciting to see, except for the woman who has been running the shop for the past two years. She will do anything it takes to have you leave with a smile on your face, including leading you to one of the more unusual items in her store: giant gummy bears that come in their own carrying case. Say what?

Check out the giant gummy bears along the windowsill.
These enormous gummy bears come in apple, orange and cherry flavor and weigh in at more than 12 ounces. (According to the nutritional information on the pack, that makes for a single serving).

These gummy bears are actually pretty easy to eat; just open up the coin purse-like plastic container they come in, slide them out and chomp away -- head first if you really want to get primal about it. The bears are going to appear kind of shiny and slippery, but they are not gooey or messy at all. And instead of resembling the consistency of Jell-O as you might expect, they do taste like an actual gummy bear.

The hefty bears come with a price to match: $6. That's a lot to pay for something that's really not for eating, if you ask me. I consider these gummy candies to be more like actual bears that are enjoyable from a distance, but something you would never consider taking home because, really, who wants that much bear?

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