Why is it that being a size 10 doesn't translate into hotness like  Bo Derek  in 10? The injustice of it all and of Derek's cornrows


Sopitos My Stamos

Why is it that being a size 10 doesn't translate into hotness like Bo Derek in 10? The injustice of it all and of Derek's cornrows in general. I'm dedicating my time next week to an hour a day of writing and working out, preferably not at the same time, as my penmanship will suffer greatly.

My goal each week is to stay away from fatty foods, which seem to be prevalent when you are on the road performing comedy. The end result in mind is to be around 130 lbs. by year's end. Thus far I've been failing miserably.  Honestly, who knew Oprah was so appealing? She really sucks you in during what could have been a  great cardio session at 4 p.m!

Sopitos are a salty treat at La Isla

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of opening for local comedic legend Brad Upton at a fundraising benefit held at Port Townsend's Key City Public Theatre. Upton, who has performed all over the globe but makes the Northwest his , is a comedian that I look up to greatly and am honored to work with whenever invited. He has an instant likability, a characteristic that I'm working towards and hope someday to achieve.

The venue was cozy and intimate with a great crowd of over 30 people, who sacrificed the rare summer weather for a chance to laugh and support a great cause: live theatre in Port Townsend. My favorite moment during my set was when a woman in the back snorted at one of my jokes. Snorting at a joke is better than giving someone multiple orgasms, it's so rare!

Cabbage based salsa at La Isla

Prior to the show I stopped for dinner at  La Isla, a Mexican Bistro near the waterfront. La Isla has a gorgeous view in the back of the water. Their menu is a mile long list of entrees, combinations and sides. Their salsa felt like Mexican coleslaw, as it was mostly cabbage with tomatoes and strangely enough, small wedges of oranges, a light treat during the sunny evening.

Comedians Don Kaye & Alex Meyer creepily show the unhealthy option of fried ice cream.

I ordered sopitos (also known as sopes), which are similar to tortillas but raised along the edges to form a bowl. They can be formed while warm on the griddle but most commonly are fried. I know what you're thinking... bad move in terms of calories and fat, but my traditional plate would have consisted of a chimichanga with a cheese enchilada. In this regard, I'm taking the high road.


The sopitos arrived with the traditional base of refried beans and salsa underneath the American flair of cheddar cheese and lettuce. I chose shredded chicken, which was tender and mild. The Sopitos were very salty and filling, which made them hard to finish, and believe me, I tried.


alzheimersshow (1).jpg
Alzheimer's Association Benefit with (L to R): Jen Seaman, JR Berard, Emily Meyer, Dartanion London, Alex Meyer and Cory Michaelis.

Tuesday I was a part of a very special benefit show held at Pioneer Square's Comedy Underground for the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk. My boyfriend and fellow comedian, Alex Meyer, was hosting. This is a cause very close to him and his family as his mother, Betsy Meyer passed away a little over a year ago due to early onset Alzheimer's at the age of 55.

The show was a success and raised a lot of money for the Memory Walk. Comedian Dartanion London, from Jet City Improv, was the headliner for the evening.  London excited the audience with his musical tribute to John Stamos, a song that describes the good looks and importance of the former Full House star. I was a little nervous performing that night, as the majority of Alex's immediate family was in attendance, including members of his church. This was not the right time or place to discuss my first time at a strip club, regardless of how well the joke typically performs. My set was clean and went over well with the audience, earning kind words from Alex's dad ,which is all anyone can ask for.

Dartanion London's John Stamos Tribute:

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