Seattle International BeerFest Coming this Weekend

Attention drunkies! In case you've missed the (curiously minimal) press for the Seattle International BeerFest, here's your twenty-one-and-a-half hour warning.

The big shindig kicks off at noon tomorrow at Seattle Center with... well, lots of drinking. Sure, there's live music, there's some food to be had (from Hot Dog Joe's, Mt. Townsend Creamery and Rancho Bravo Tacos) and crowds of people to watch who, as the day progresses and the 4oz pours start to catch up with them, will no doubt get more and more interesting. But obviously, the real draw here is the bars and the beers--something like a hundred of them, from all over the world, in every style imaginable, from the common to the incredibly rare, and mostly listed right here.

Tickets are $25 at the gate and this price includes entry, an official SIB tasting glass and ten drink tickets. Additional drink tickets are available for a buck apiece, and this is a very important consideration since the beers being poured on site can cost anywhere from one to six tickets per 4oz pour, depending on how much it costs for the BeerFest to bring them in. According to the official website, the organizers are promising more than 50 1-ticket beers, but like the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared." A 6-ticket Trappist lager might seem ridiculously expensive at, say, noon on Friday. But when you come wandering back by again a few hours later with a notable limp, a new tattoo, 80 ounces of brew in you and one of the St. Pauli Girls on your shoulders, it might suddenly seem a lot more reasonable. And one never wants to have to slow one's roll just to go and pick up more tickets, right?

The SIB will be running all through the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and all the information you need (including and most importantly, how to get back in to the festivities on following days after paying your admission on day one) can be found right here.

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