Seattle Food Geek, Angela Garbes Join Voracious' Roster of Bloggers

Revenge of the Food Nerd! Geek, we mean.
Two new bloggers will join Voracious' stable of contributors next week.

Or, in Angela Garbes' case, rejoin. In a previous run as a Voracious blogger, she originated the Versus and Grillaxin columns before leaving to cover food for Publicola, where she's still listed as a contributor. We're thrilled to have her back; her work will appear Monday (CSA Summer, in which she'll write about weird veggies), Wednesday (Seattle Pantry, in which she'll write about unique regional food products, and Friday (Garbes' Grab Bag, which'll be exactly what it sounds like).

We're also juiced about the fact that Scott Heimendinger, aka the Seattle Food Geek, will be importing his already-popular, video-heavy columns to Voracious every Tuesday, beginning July 5.

A Microsoftee by day, Scott actually achieves most of his technological breakthroughs in his Greenlake kitchen, where he is enamored of such newfangled techniques as sous vide and cooking with dry ice, blowtorches, pontoon boat rudders, and grills made from salvaged pith helmets. Talk about a point of view--if the Geek were allowed on The Next Food Network Star, he'd have Bobby Flay's job by the end of a single episode.

For those of you who're wondering, the original Seattle Food Geek blog will not vanish. And in case you're still wondering, July 5 will be pretty quiet on Voracious, which means July 6 will bring a flurry of energy the like of which is only witnessed the day after long holiday weekends on this site, with Monday mainstays like Versus, Bottomfeeder, and Spilling the Beans pushed back to Tuesday.

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