Bartender, Make Me a Space Needle

Picture courtesy of Seattle Center Foundation
Can you drink the essence of Japanese tourists, bellydancing hippies, and a building shaped like a crushed pop can? In honor of the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair, six bars around Seattle Center are selling collectible Zombie glasses with pictures of the Space Needle, the Monorail, and other landmarks, plus specially concocted drinks like the "206 Rain" and the "Seattle '62." The promotion runs until August 31.

Ben Sherwood, manager of Capitol Hill's Marjorie, which is serving a caipirinha--a Brazilian cocktail made from cachaça, sugar, and lime--in a green International Fountain glass, says his restaurant is participating because owner Donna Moodie is a member of the Seattle Center Foundation. "The Seattle Center is a passion of hers," he says.

Rather than try to create a drink that would somehow capture the Center's flavor, Sherwood says the restaurant aimed for aesthetic appeal. "We made the drink to match the color of the glass," he says. And of course, there's always the emerald green-Emerald City connection.

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