Photo by Leslie Kelly
Kamala Saxton and Marination's Spam slider.
Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison, the duo behind the wheel of Marination Mobile, have been


Marination Mobile Team Loves Seattle's Restaurants

Photo by Leslie Kelly
Kamala Saxton and Marination's Spam slider.
Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison, the duo behind the wheel of Marination Mobile, have been slamming busy since their truck rolled out last year. Which leaves little time for cooking at home. But that's OK because they both love to explore Seattle's culinary landscape. Read part one of this week's Grillaxin to learn how the pair was inspired to launch this wildly popular food truck, which has developed a following for its Korean-accented tacos, kimchi rice and Spam sliders.

SW: Marination's got a fairly short menu. Were there dishes that didn't make it on that were your personal favorites?

Kamala: There were. We've made up for that by having rotating specials. One customer's favorite is the spicy pork torta.

Roz: We'd love to do more soups, but it's hard. We'd love to do some chili in the winter or ramen, but there's just not enough space to store stuff and cook stuff. If we were to do bowls of ramen, which would seem like a natural, that's a whole lot of liquid. We don't have the space to store gallons and gallons of broth.

SW: You almost need a trailer behind the trailer.

Photo by Leslie Kelly
Roz Edison running the window at last weekend's Mobile Chowdown.
Roz: We've asked to set up an ancillary tent and do some grilling, but our permit is for food that is prepared in the truck. If you start letting trucks like us have a grill outside, then you'll get a grill and a fridge and then you'll have a campsite outside every truck. That's not what it's about. It's about being a mobile kitchen.

SW: What are Marination's bestsellers?

Kamala: There are probably three right now. The kalbi beef taco and the spicy pork taco, along with the Aloha slider. There are hardcore kimchi fried rice lovers. You can't get them to change their orders.

SW: That is ridiculously delicious. There's a fried egg on top, right?

Roz: Yup and we fry the egg to order. That's why you'll see a little bit of a delay sometimes. Nobody wants an old egg.

SW: Has the menu changed?

Kamala: There are some things that have evolved. Our marinade has changed a little bit and the way we do rice. Things are always evolving.

SW: What are your biggest days?

Kamala: Key Bank in Belltown is big. West Seattle is big because it's a family day. It's almost like tailgating. People come and pop their hatchback and have fun.

We were surprised and incredibly grateful that people came out this winter. I don't think people in Seattle are bothered by the rain and we always wanted to be a year-round operation. People either bring a hood or an umbrella.

Roz: We've done more than 1,000 tacos on a big day.

SW: What do you cook at home?

Roz: I eat a lot of noodles, but they're nothing special. If I want really good noodles, I'll go to one of the great restaurants that do noodles.

Kamala: I like Fu Lin.

Roz: I like spicy food. I like Szechuan Noodle Bowl on Jackson and Seven Star Pepper.

Kamala: I don't really cook at home since we started this. I love the luxury of going out to eat. I love Spring Hill. I love the saimin. The oysters. The burger. I need to get out there on a Monday night for fried chicken.

Roz: We also love La Medusa and Serious Pie. There are so many great places. We are so fortunate to live in a city with so many great restaurants.

Read part three of this week's Grillaxin for the recipe for spicy pork tacos from the women who are the driving force behind Marination Mobile.

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